Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
— Mao Zedong
Patience is a bitter plant, but its fruit is sweet.
— Chinese Proverb
Maoism, Taoism, I-ching and Chess
— Eric Idle
Unfortunately, if we don't find cover before a storm blows in, we could die of exposure, or be forced to share our body heat. This is a matter of gay or death.
— Wang Yao

China-icon Chinaball, officially known as the People's Republic of Chinaball (中国球 / 中华人民共和国球), prefers calling himself Zhongguoqiu), or PRCball is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia.

Chinaball is the 3rd largest powerhouse country in the world with 9 634 057 square kilometers. He is the most populous countryball in the Earth-icon World with a population of 1.394 billion (2019).

Chinaball has the second largest economy in the world after USA-icon USAball. He is a member of BRICS-icon BRICS, SCO-icon SCO, G20, and one of the five countryballs in the UN-icon United Nations Security Council (UNSC). He became the biggest official creditor with $700 billion in loans mostly to Africa and Latin America in 2019. He is generally considered a great power. Due to continuous economic and military growth he could be a superpower in the future and probably take over the world

He has a very long border with many other countries in Asia. These are Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball and Russia-icon Russiaball to the North; Bhutan-icon Bhutanball, India-icon Indiaball, Laos-icon Laosball, Myanmar-icon Myanmarball, Nepal-icon NepalRawr, and Vietnam-icon Vietnamball to the South; North Korea-icon North Koreaball to the East; and Afghan-icon Afghanistanball, Kazakh-icon Kazakhbrick, Kyrgyz-icon Kyrgyzstanball, Pakistan-icon Pakistanball to the West (the most neighbors out of every other country). The country is divided into 33 divisions, 22 being provinces (Not including Taiwan-icon Taiwanball), 5 being autonomous regions like Tibet-icon Tibetball and Uyghur-icon Uyghurball, 4 being municipalities such as Shanghai-icon Shanghaiball, and 2 being special administrative regions, Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball and Macau-icon Macauball.

The National Day of the People's Republic of China is on October 1st. It celebrates the forming of the Central People's Government. It takes place in Tiananmen Square, in the center of the capital Beijing-icon Beijingball, and also small to large celebrations in other cities.


Chinaball's history has been characterized by cycles of rising dynasties or regimes with increased integration. Then a period of decline which leads to disintegration and fragmentation. Certain dynasties were isolationist and tried to keep foreign influences out of Chinaball. The classic novel of Romance of the Three Kingdoms says “The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.”

Ancient Chinaball

China was born as a 1-icon 1ball. He was among the first civilizations to exist on earth. The first civilization was the 1-icon Yellow River Civilizationball. However, the country was always jeopardized by flood and balls began to unite. Larger tribes anschlussed smaller ones and a simple tribute system was set up.

There were numerous independent smaller kingdoms, many of these were eventually conquered and assimilated with their overlords. This process is known as "Chinafication", by making their culture and people (forcefully) assimilate into the larger kingdom or empire.

Shang Dynasty (1600-1050 BC)

From the 16th century to 210 BC there were three leading tribes, Xia-icon Xiaball (not confirmed), Shang-icon Shangball and Zhou-icon Zhouball. There's not much archaeological evidence of the  Xia-icon Xia dynasty. Some experts consider Xia to be mythical.

The Shang-icon Shang Dynasty lasted during 1600-1050 BC. They invented and propagated Chinese characters. During that time, the tribute system enlarged with carrots and sticks, and the economical center, so-called "中原"(central plain), was consolidated into Chinaball's clay.

Zhou Dynasty (1050-256 BC)

The Zhou-icon Zhou Dynasty followed and lasted during 1050-256 BC. The king separated his clay to his siblings and these clays eventually became warring states that all wanted to conquer China. During which the academy of ancient China thrived and various philosophers such as Confucius and Mencius shined. Also, the military of each warring state evolved swiftly and the famous military treatise The Art of War was written by Sun Tsu in Kingdom of Wu.

Imperial Chinaball

There were dozens of different Asia Monarchy-icon Chinese dynasties that rose and fell in the geographic region that's now called China. The ethnic group called Han is the largest and ruled Chinaball for most of its history. However, there were several ethnic groups who ruled over the Han-icon Han ethnic . Such as Yuan-icon Yuanball were ethnically Mongol Empire-icon Mongols controlled Chinaball from 1279 till 1368 AD. The Qing-icon Qingball were ethnically Manchu-icon Manchus. They ruled from 1644 till 1911 AD.

Warring States (475-221 BC)

The Warring States period was during 475-221 BC.

Qin dynasty (221-206 BC)

The Qin-icon Qinball beat all the other warring states and unified China with the Qin dynasty which existed during 221-206 BC. During the process, Chinaball's productivity began to blossom. In 221BC,Qin-icon Qinball anschlussed every existing warring states and continued to anschluss clay from Baiyueball and Xiongnu-icon Xiongnuball. The Baiyueball were various non-ethnic Chinese people who inhabited the coast of Eastern China. To keep Chinaball safe from northerners, he built the Great Wall. Qin-icon Qinball also managed to anschluss the coastal areas of Vietnam-icon Vietnamball, but not completely the southern part. Then there were more civil wars and different dynasties. To promulgate the well being of Chinese people, Qin-icon Qinball made the standard of transportation, Chinese character as well as measurement.

Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD)

The Han-icon Han Dynasty existed during 206 BC – 220 AD. It was the stronkist dynastyball created by Han ethnic. Han-icon Han Dynasty was started by Emperor Gao Zu (Liu Bang ), formerly peasant whom acquired power by extraordinary intelligence and grit. Its economy was rich because of Wen Jing's rule,by emperor Wen and his son emperor Jing. These two emperors followed "The way of Huang Ti and Lao Tsu" which encouraged their people to strive for wealth. Under emperor Wu, Hanball expanded south and into North and Central Asia and became very strong. Hanball can into beatings of Hun-icon Xiongnuball at that time. It torn Hun-icon Xiongnuball apart into Southern Xiongnu, which later became a part of Han ethnics, and Northern Xiongnu, which later separated again and became the ancestor of many ethnics in Eurasia. It was said that Han-icon Han Dynasty had once kept in contact with SPQR-icon SPQRball and the relationship was friendly. SPQR-icon SPQRball called Han-icon Han Dynasty "Seres" and Han-icon Han Dynasty called SPQR-icon SPQRball "Greater Qin Dynasty", which made human's first attempt to contact Eurasia's easternmost and westernmost civilizations.

During the first century, A official called Wang Mang briefly stole Hanball's regime and forced it become Xinball, but due to his unrealistic economical policies, Xinball didn't get longevity. The Emperor Guang Wu restored Hanball and changed its capital from Chang'an(Today's Xi'an) to eastern metropolis Luoyang and named the new ball Eastern Hanball. However, eastern Hanball didn't revive the pride it used to be and its power quickly disseminated to the emperors' maternal relatives. Due to this fact eastern Hanball became introvert and unstable. Gradually it died in 220 and most its clay belong to the Three Kingdoms.

The system of tributary firstly formed in Han-icon Han Dynasty, when a kingdom in Japan-icon Japanball's called "Wa" was arguably a vassal state. There was an ancient stamp written "汉置大委奴王"(Seal of the King of the Na state of the Wa [vassal?] of the Han Dynasty) discovered in Kyushu, Japan. The name of China's majority ethnic also origined from this dynasty.

The Three Kingdoms (220–589 AD)

The Six Dynasties period was during 220–589 AD. The Three Kingdoms: Wei, Wu and Shu existed during 220–265 AD.  It was a tripartite divison of Chinaball. The Three Kingdoms has been romanticized in literature. So not all historical information is accurate. However, a bunch of celebrities originated from this era, including the country-famous Guan Yu, a general of Shu Kingdom. Guan's chivalrous personality made him a role model in later Chinese civilization.

Western Jin Dynasty (265–317 AD)

The Western  Jin-icon  Jin Dynasty  existed during 265–317 AD. Sadly, it only lasted for about 50 years because of climate change. The weather became so cold that northern minorities went south to invade him. Then many little Kingdoms and Duchies went on and forth. The later historians called that period of time as "五胡乱华" (Five minorities took control of China). Although its peoples' life were miserable, Jin-icon  Jin Dynasty explored much in mathematics and natural science, the most famous of which was Tsu ChongChi's attempt to calculate π as 3.14159.

Sui Dynasty (581–618 AD)

The Sui-icon Sui Dynasty  existed during 581–618 AD. It ended the separated era which put millions and millions of citizens into wars. After its unification, it propagated the world's earliest examination system and adopted transportation by building a 1000-mile-long canal between its capital and its economical center. Due to the tremendous cost of that canal, it soon collapsed.

Tang Dynasty (618–906 AD)

The Tang-icon Tangball existed from 618–906 AD. It was perhaps the most powerful and inclusive Chinese dynasty. It conquered vast range of land from Xinjiang, Mongolia and Manchu and set small tributes such as Sillaball and Tibet Kingdom as its vassal. It can produce world-quality silk, paper, art and poems. Meanwhile Europe was unstable after the breakup of SPQR-icon SPQRball. Chinatown in Chinese is literally translated into Street of the Tang people/(唐人街).

In 618, Tang-icon Tangball was founded by Gaozong. In 630, Tang-icon Tangball conquered northern Gokturk. In 649, Tang-icon Tangball's most famous emperor, Taizong died. Then it conquered western Gokturk and Goryeo.

Tang-icon Tangball was briefly interrupted by Second Zhouball, caused by the ascension of Wu Zetian to the throne of China.

In 751, Tang-icon Tangball was defeated by Abbasidball. Then a rebellion broke out in 758 and that took Tang-icon Tangball down from its zenith. Tangball would never recover from these events. Gokturks became independent, and the route to Central Asia was permanently lost, leading the thrive of "the Silk Road on the Sea".

Five Dynasties (907–960 AD)

The Five Dynasties period was during 907–960 AD, which was another dark era with Kingdoms fighting with each other. Eventually, there was a unification.

Liao Dynasty (907–1125 AD)

The  Liao-icon Liao Dynasty existed during 907–1125 AD. It was a dynasty reigned by Khitan minority which controlled part of Han ethnics. Its influence spread into Eastern Europe and Russia still calls China "Khitan" nowadays.

Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD)

Song-icon Song Dynasty existed from 960–1279 AD. It was the richest dynasty among Chinese history. Its silk, tea and other eastern products sailed to every known corner of the old continent due to a boost of navigation technology. Commercial acts were encouraged and early capitalism emerged in some large cities. Hangzhou, the capital of Song-icon Southern Song Dynasty was so prospered that even after Song-icon Song Dynasty's end Marco Polo still praised its delicacy and its citizens' richness and politeness. Song-icon Southern Song Dynasty also invented the world's earliest form of paper money.

Yuan Dynasty (1279–1368 AD)

There were many different ethnic groups in Chinaball. The "Han" is the largest ethnic group. The Han mainly ruled China-icon Chinaball until Yuan-icon Yuanball defeated Song-icon Songball in 1279 and established the Yuan Dynasty. It existed during 1279–1368 AD. The Yuan rulers were ethnically Mongolia-icon Mongolball from the Mongol Empire-icon Mongol Empire . They anschlussed so much clay that they collapsed.

Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 AD)

The Ming-icon Ming Dynasty was established in 1368–1644. He was stronk and made the ships that destroyed the filthy Portugal-icon Portugalball navy. The Ming dynasty was the last imperial dynasty of China ruled by ethnic Han Chinese. During 1405 and 1433, the world-famous navigator, Cheng Ho sailed seven times to the west. However, Ming-icon Ming Dynasty later banned sailing due to the harassment by pirates (Chinese, Japanese and Korean ethnicities) called "倭寇"(Wokou) and that cut Ming-icon Ming Dynasty off from the rest of the world. It is said that this regulation contributed to the decline of China.

Qing Dynasty (1644–1911 AD)

The Qing Dynasty existed from Qing Dynasty 1644–1911. In 1644 those Qing-icon Qingball conquered China. The Qing Dynasty rulers were ethnically Manchu-icon Manchus which is a different ethnic group than the Han. This was the last Chinese dynasty. At first, The emperors Kangxi and Qianlong really did a great job to enlarge the dynasty and promote people's life, but problems began to accumulate asthe Qing-icon Qing Dynasty began to approach its tragic end.

Carving Up China (1841-1941 AD)

Cake of Kings and..

Carving up China by the imperial powers (1841-1941)

By 1841 the Great European Imperial Powers had already conquered 80%+ of the entire world with colonies in North-America, South-America, Africa, Middle-East and South and Southeast Asia. Only Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball became the only non-European colonial power that was industrialized and powerful enough to compete with the Western Imperialists. They, overall, turned their eyes to China which was not yet fully colonized by the western powers. Between 1841 and 1941, UK-icon UKball, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball , France-icon FranceballJapanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball and German Empire-icon German Empireball made plans to partition and divide Qing-icon Qingball China amongst themselves. At the time, Qing-icon Qingball was poor and underdeveloped so she couldn't stop them.

During 19th century, UK-icon UKball was colonizing America and South Asia (mostly India-icon Indiaball ). He wanted more Asian colonies as well as t e a, so he sold opium to China. Qing-icon Qingball tried to end the trades, but started the Opium Wars, which ended with UK-icon British victory and taking British Hong Kong-icon British Hong Kongball. Portugal-icon Portugalball fought Qing-icon Qingball and conquered Macau-icon Macauball from Qing-icon Qingball. Other imperial powers did the same too and occupied a different part of Qing-icon Qingball's coastal clay. Then, there was the Taiping rebellion, which was one of the deadliest conflicts in history. Then in 1894-1895 AD, the Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball defeated  Qing-icon Qingball Empire in the First Sino-Japanese War. This changed the balance of power in Asia. The Japanese Empireball invaded Chinaball and acquired parts of his clay including the tributary state of Korea-Empire-icon Korean Empireball and territory Taiwanball.

Qing-icon Qingball realized that he was no longer a great empire, due to a weakness of her rulers. She collapsed, and ​​​​​​  Taiwan-iconNationalist China took control. The Chinese had ended its imperial rule and dynasties.

Civil War and World War II

On 1 January 1912, Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball was born, and the Kuomintang (the KMT or Nationalist Party) was proclaimed provisional president. However, the presidency was later given , a former Qing-icon Qingball Qing-icon general who in 1915 proclaimed himself Emperor of China. In the face of popular condemnation and opposition from his own Beiyang Army, he was forced to abdicate and re-establish the republic. In 1916, China was politically fragmented. His Beijingball-icon Beijingball-based government was internationally recognized but virtually powerless; regional warlords controlled most of its territory. In the late 1920s, the Kuomintang was able to reunify the country under its own control with a series of deft military and political maneuverings, known collectively as the Northern Expedition. The Kuomintang moved the nation's capital to Nanjing-icon Nanjingball and implemented "political tutelage", an intermediate stage of political development for transforming China into a modern democratic state. The political division in China made it difficult for Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball to battle the Communist People's Liberation Army (PLA) against whom the Kuomintang had been warring since 1927 in the Chinese Civil War. This war continued successfully for the Kuomintang, especially after the PLA retreated in the Long March, until Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball aggression and the 1936 Xi'an Incident forced Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball to confront Japanese-Empire-iconEmpire of Japanball.

Taiwan-icon Nationalist China was the first republic, only to fear with Communist Chinaball inspired by the beliefs of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball. The Chinese Civil War was started between the China-icon Communists and the Taiwan-icon Nationalists. Then the Japanese Empire became allies with Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball and invaded China in the name of their God-Emperor. They massacred Nankingball and committed atrocities in China. So the Nationalists and the Communists carried for remove after being raped Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball from China. Afterward China disintegrated into a bunch of Warlord cliques.

The Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945), a theater of World War II, forced an uneasy alliance between the Kuomintang and the PLA. Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball forces committed numerous war atrocities against the civilian population; in all, as many as 20 million Chinese civilians died. An estimated 300,000 Chinese were massacred in the city of Nanjing-iconNanjingball alone during the Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball occupation. Along with the other three great powers, China was one of the four major Allies of World War II, and was later considered one of the primary victors in the war. After the surrender of the Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball in 1945, Taiwan-icon Taiwanball was returned to Chinese control. China-icon Chinaball won the war mainly due to the efforts of USA-icon USAball.   China-icon Chinaball was war-ravaged and financially drained.

Communism, Construct and Defense

The continued distrust between the Kuomintang and the Communists led to the resumption of civil war. The Communist Party received support from Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball, but initially the Communists still struggled. Constitutional rule was established in 1947, but because of the ongoing unrest, many provisions of her constitution were never implemented in China-icon mainland Chinaball. In 1949, the communists gained complete control over China-icon mainland Chinaball. The nationalists fled to Taiwan-icon Taiwanball with their republic government.

Chinaball wanted more clay and set out on a conquest of neighboring countries of Uyghur-icon East Turkestan and Tibetball . The excuse was that it was Chinese clay "since ancient times". They didn't care that they were independent countries. Major combat in the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949 with the Communist Party in control of most of mainland Chinaball, and the Kuomintang-icon Kuomintang retreating offshore, reducing Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball's territory to only Taiwan-icon Taiwanball and its surrounding islands. On 21 September 1949, her Communist Party proclaimed the establishment of the China-icon People's Republic of China. This was followed by a mass celebration in Tiananmen Square on 1 October which became the new People's republic's first National Day. However, remaining Kuomintang-icon Kuomintang forces continued to wage an insurgency in western China throughout the 1950s. In modern USA-icon US history studies, the founding of PRC China is often termed as "the loss of China" as reflected in US state policy documents of the time, which thinkers such as Noam Chomsky call the beginning of McCarthyism. Because of the Korean war and poverty, Chinaball couldn't conquer Taiwanball.

One of the most famous China-icon Chinaball leaders is Mao Zedong . He was the Chairman of the Communist Party of Chinaball from 1943 till 1976. He propagated China's industry and made it ready for the reform and opening up later on.

The regime consolidated its popularity among the peasants through land reform, which saw between hundreds of millions of peasants got their land. Under its leadership, it developed an independent industrial system and its own nuclear weapons. China's first atomic bomb was produced in 1964 after acquiring the technology from western countries. China's population almost doubled from around 550 million to over 900 million. However, the Leap Forward, a large-scale economic and social reform project, resulted in an estimated 45 million deaths between 1958 and 1961, mostly from starvation. In October 1962 Chinaball attacked India-icon Indiaball (Sino-Indian war) and claimed parts of Jammu and Kashmir-icon Jammu and Kashmirball called Jammu and Kashmir-iconAksai Chin which Indiaball says is part of Jammu and Kashmir-icon Jammu and Kashmirball.

In 1966, Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution, sparking a decade of political recrimination and social upheaval which lasted until 1976. He would sanction the Cultural Revolution in 1966. An estimated 27 million people died in prisons and labor camps during Mao's rule. In October 1971, the PRC replaced Taiwan-icon Taiwanball in UN-iconUNball, and took its seat as a permanent member of the Security Council. In February 1979 China-icon Chinaball fought Sino-Vietnamese War to subjugate Vietnam-icon Vietnamball and prevent it from conquering Cambodia-icon Democratic Kampucheaball. However, China-icon Chinaball withdrew after a couple of weeks due to fierce resistance of Vietnamball which wanted to stay independent. Chinaball tells a different version of history that it was to "teach him a lesson".

In 1978, Chinaball instituted significant economic reforms. The Communist Party loosened governmental control over citizens' personal lives, and the communes were gradually disbanded in favor of working contracted to households. This marked China's transition from a planned economy to a mixed economy with an increasingly open-market environment. China-icon China adopted her current constitution on 4 December 1982. In 1989, the suppression of student protests in Tiananmen Square brought sanctions against the Chinese government from various countries and lagged off China's ambition to gain science and technology. Which ended in the death toll of thousands of students, the death count is still unclear.

The political status and future of Taiwan-icon Taiwanball remain uncertain. Chinaball is still encouraging Taiwanball with reunification. However, Taiwan-icon Taiwanball does not want to be ruled by China-icon Beijingball. Steps have been taken to improving relations between the Communist Party and several of Taiwan-icon Taiwanball's parties that hold a less antagonistic view towards China, notably former rival Kuomintang.

Economic Rise

In December 1978, Chinaball's economic reforms started led by Deng Xiaoping.  The Communist Party of China (CPC) opened the formerly closed communist market to foreign investment. This enabled her citizens to do more business with the world. The developed countries mainly USA-icon USAball, West European countries in  EU-icon EUball and  Japan-icon Japanball invested trillions of dollars to build factories, infrastructure in China-icon Chinaball. Tens of millions of manufacturing jobs were exported to Chinaball. This is because the wages were much lower in Chinaball so companies could save more money by manufacturing in Chinaball. These huge financial investments caused rapid economic growth in Chinaball.

Since the 1980s China-icon Chinaball used smart trade practices and low wage labor to compete with other countries. International patents are often ignored to make cheap knockoff products. However more and more Chinese factories are popping up in south-east Asia and other poor countryballs, pissing off USA-icon USAball

In 2011 China-icon Chinaball became the second largest economy in the world. More than 850 million people were lifted out of extreme poverty. China's poverty rate fell from 88 percent in 1981 to 0.7 percent in 2015. By 2022 an estimated 550 million people will be middle-class in the urban areas.

World Participation

The China-icon CPC gave Chinese corporations billions of dollars in loans to buyout established western companies. The purpose is to get rich and gain influence in foreign countryballs. Chinese corporations coordinate with the CPC on such schemes. The China-icon CPC controls domestic companies, because they need the CPC's approval to stay in business.

The China-icon government also gave billions of dollars in loans bribes to poor countryballs in mainly Africa and Latin America (a few in Asia). Chinaball's outstanding loans have risen from almost nothing in 2000 to more than $700 billion in 2019, that contributes to its internationalist character, but these loans are hard to repay if a project fails. Chinaball is the world’s largest official creditor. It is bigger than the IMF and World Bank combined. It doesn't disclose all its loans. The debt of the recipient balls to Chinaball rose from an estimated 1% in 2005 to 17% of their GDP in 2019. Commodity revenues are usually collateral. When Chinaball becomes a major trading partner then he can hold the country hostage such as for food and natural resources.

In 2015, China-icon Chinaball celebrated the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II and claimed his peaceful rise. He has won the bid for 2022 Winter Olympics and the 2015 Asia FIBA, which he also become the champion of it. He has rapidly armed its military. He also constructs artificial islands with military bases in the South China Sea, but promised not to militarize them he wants to use them as supply stations for fishermen. However, since China-icon Chinaball claims most of South China Sea, it upsets Vietnam-icon Vietnamball, Philippines-icon Philippinesball, Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball, Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball and Brunei-icon Bruneiball.

Xi Jinping became the leader of the CPC and the president of China-icon Chinaball on March 14, 2013. Xi has imposed crackdowns on corruption. Xi changed the law so that there's no restriction on renewal after his term. This means he can serve as the CPC leader for life. He added the requirement that Communist Party committees must be formed in all significant companies and institutions.

In 2017, China became worried about growing Uyghur hostilities in Uyghur-icon Xinjiangball, feared they may disturb China's mining business over Tarim Basin. So Uyghur seperatists sent into the so-called re-education camps to prevent any slightest idea of terrorism against the grolious Zhongguo. Surprisingly many Muslim countries (mainly under BRI project), even those like Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball supported China's stance over Uyghur.

Since December 31 2019, A deadly virus known as SARS-CoV-2 has spread through cities in China and has started to spread throughout the Earth-icon World, due to the people affected to the infection of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). 16,400 people have died and it's growing looser once it reaches every continent. Scientists are working for the cure. However, it will take weeks or months to finish the cure. The Virus is affected in North America, A ton of countries in Asia and Europe. If the virus continues, some suspect it could lead to Earth's end.


China card


Chinaball is business oriented and materialistic. It considers itself the center of the world as the Middle Kingdom. In public he often talks loudly. It can be polite, but ready to resist if other people or countries harms it. Chinaball is also quite group oriented and likes to live with other Chinaballs in their own communities. It can be individualistic by putting itself and family before anything else. It has a strong affiliation with its own culture.

Chinaball likes to criticize smaller countries and meddle in their internal affairs. However, when other countries criticize Chinaball then he tells them that these are "internal matters". He uses economic and military strength to bully persuade small countries into submission so they become subservient to Chinaball.

Minorities are looked down upon by Chinaball. If they speak another language or dialect then it wants them all to speak Mandarin Chinese. Independent minded minorities are sent to labour re-education camps to change them into obedient servants citizens of the Communist Party. However, Chinaball claims they are "protected" and re-educated in camps to be "peaceful".

What Chinaball says is often different from his actions. When he is accused of doing something (such as espionage or building military bases) he will deny it and continue doing it anyway. He is known to claim any land or item as originating or belonging to Chinaball. Then he says "this is Chinese since ancient times".

Due to historic events, Chinaball has mixed feelings of superiority and inferiority. During certain periods he was very strong and had some tributary or vassal states in Asia. However, he also disintegrated numerous times. He was conquered and ruled by mulitple foreign powers in history. Such as the Yuan-icon Yuan Dynasty had ethnically Mongol Empire-icon Mongolian Chinese rulers from 1279 till 1368 AD. The Qing-icon Qing Dynasty had ethnically Manchu-icon Manchurian Chinese rulers from 1644 till 1911 AD. In the 18th till early 20th century he was de facto overruled by the imperial powers UK-icon UKball, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball , France-icon Franceball, Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball and German Empire-icon German Empireball. Chinaball's urban areas are developed, but many rural areas are still poor. The government is trying to improve it, but most resources keep going to the coastal cities.

Chinaball wants to change the world order so that smaller countries become tributary or vassal states of China. By claiming the whole South China Sea she can control all the vital shipping lanes and goods in the region. This gives his power over all the smaller countries that depend on sea trade. Chinaball claims to adhere to international law, but doesn't follow intellectual properties, nor human rights and rule of law in the sea by UN-icon UNball.

Chinaball prefers his own cuisine with diverse meals. Many people in Chinaball eat almost anything that is edible. This is due to great famine that was caused by the Great Leap Forward. Such as frogs, snails and insects. Some still eat dogs and cats (an estimated 10 million dogs and 4 million cats per year).


China claims to preserve diplomatic independence and neutrality, and therefore doesn't align itself with any other powers. Still, he constantly takes sides and has better relationship with some countries, with accumulating global influences. He can also be considered head of the "EAST" countries (AKA the Eastern/Asian world). He tries to make friends with Southeast Asian countries, because basically the former bully Soviet-icon Sovietball died of liver cancer in 1991. By 2019, China's efforts to restore the South China Sea causes tensions with the small Vietnamball, Philippinesball, Malaysiaball, Indonesiaball and Bruneiball.

朋友 (Friends)

  • Afghan-icon Afghanistanball - We sord weapons to them arong with USA-icon USAball during the Soviet-Afghan war to fight that treachelous Soviet thleat. However, I may Taliban-iconAl-Qaeda-iconISIS-icon want to leconsidel...
  • African Union-icon African Unionball - Place for good investment! Also buys my weapons.
  • Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball - Another ally against curry. He loves our submarines!
  • Brazil-icon Brazilball - Fellow BRICS member and one of my best trade partners, although I hate Hue.
  • Brunei-icon Bruneiball - One of your kebab friends who gib us oil. Their sultan was buried in our glorious clay.
  • Burundi-icon Burundiball - USA-icon Burger and EU-icon EUball dumped him, I have now been helping him out a lot
  • Cambodia-icon Cambodiaball - We helped them fight against Phở!
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - Socialist comrade in the Carribean why yuo not of free market?
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - Buys my weapons and hates tea for stealing his treasures.
  • Gambia-icon Gambiaball - Withdrew recognition of Taiwan-icon Taiwanball.
  • Fiji-icon Fijiball - little trading partner in the pacific, plus he is my best pacific island friend.
  • Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball - They're fond of our products. 谢谢
  • Iran-icon Iranball - Trading partners. I give him Weapons but he hates everyone in UNball's council including USAball except me XIXIXIXIXIXIXIXIXI. Thank you for supporting Huawei, but why did you humiliate me with a 3:0?
  • Syria-icon Palestine-icon Iraq-icon Kebabs - Third world comlade! Also gib oil.
  • Laos-icon Laosball - Communist ally! Little friend in Southeast Asia.
  • Macau-icon Macauball - Although he is a SAR like Hong Kong-icon Hong Kong, I like him much more than his rebellious brother, who can't shut up about freedom and democracy. He is such a good child, also I like to squander my huge money in his casinos. It's very great to kill time xixixixixixi.
  • Malaysia-icon Malaysiaball - Our ancestors had been friends since the biggining of time. Loves made in China. Best kebab friend and ally against adobo plox. (Nansha Islands is mine! gib back!)
  • Mauritius-icon Mauritiusball - Both him and I hate Tea for taking our clay!
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball- enjoy good military relations, but remove immigrants. Stay away from Kokangball!
  • Taiwan SAR-icon Taiwan SARball - One day, I will make Taiwan a province of mine.
  • Pakistan-icon Pakistanball - My best friend. Arry against stupid curry. We sell him weapons and gib aid. Also trading partner.  Also a member of SCO.
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball- Trading partners. We give toys, they food (especially dogs).
  • Yugoslavia-icon (soldier) Yugoslaviaball - Idem!
  • Serbia-icon Serbiaball- Best European friend! Both suffered from that dumb burger. I help him with Huawei and I help him with everything! Brate, I can also remove kebab!
  • South Africa-icon South Africaball - Fellow BRICS member. Gib minerals.
  • Tajik-icon Tajikistanball - Good Central Asian friend, used to claim his east provinces but not anymore so we are cool.
  • Thailand-icon Thailandball - Their former prime minister is of Chinese descent. Thailand is really important for rice. HE has the LARGEST Chinese diaspora which makes me so happy
  • Singapore-icon Tringapore - Orderly society with strict laws. Majority of their popuration is Chinese. Also, rich Chinese businessman do business there. I love him.
  • Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - I sell him weapons! gib oil 2.
  • Palestine-icon Palestineball - I support him against the Americans and Zionists!!!
  • Peru-icon Peruball - Good South American friend. He has the biggest Chinese community outside Asia and North America. He used my food to create chifa. Also we both can into old cultures.
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball - Thanks for raising my son Macau-icon Macauball and influencing him. He is better with me! You are better than UK-icon Tea by a large margin. I like your anthem and Ronaldo! Teach me football! ^_^.
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball - We just met with Kim Jong UN today and apparently we are the best buddies ever now. I will help ensure our glorious friendship.

中立 (Neutral)

  • Argentina-icon Argentinaball - I really don't know, fellow G20 member. We helped them fight against UK-icon Tea! But his former president mocked my accent!!! Also trading partner.
  • Australia-icon Australiaball and New Zealand-icon New Zealandball - they see me as too expansionist in the pacific but we still trade a lot, I blocked the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Website though as you do not trust my Huawei phones.
  • ASEAN-icon ASEANcoin - I will anschluss the Nansha and Xisha islands, they are of grourious Zhongguo clay! Just trading partners. Even though I hate some of their people! xixixixixi!
  • Bhutan-icon Bhutanball - Just happy and authentic littre Buddhist kingdom. I won't hurt you. (India's puppet). But Dokram, Jakarrung, and Pasamrung of mine. Also Tibet cannot into country.
  • El Salvador-icon El Salvadorball - Good trading partner, although he likes that USA-icon Fat Burger. I will make your national library, your water sanitation, and your national stadium with a "non refundable" agreement. BTW, I have been visited yuor country, thanks for visiting my grorious clay back.
  • EU-icon EUball - Although we are trading partners,they like to intervene in our internal affairs.They blocked us from showing Eurovision in Zhongguo for censoring Albania-icon Albaniaball (REMOVE TATTOOS!!!) and Ireland-icon Irelandball (REMOVE HOMOSEX DISPLAY!!!), controversial performances!!! Because of Article 17 in the EU, COME TO THE INTERNET CENSORSHIP WITH ME!
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Wo of not knowings yuo, but you of likings our 啤酒 and you also of can makings 酸菜! Even my high-speed rail also has some ancestry into yours! However, remember WW2! RIP Kebabic Deutschlandstan
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Gib port!
  • India-icon Indiaball - Although I may not like you, you are in BRICS and SCO. In the 1962 Sino-Indian War Chinaball took Aksai Chin from Jammu and Kashmirball, because that is Chinese land "since ancient times."
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - FREE PALESTINE YOU STUPID GAYIM!!! TOO BAD I COPIED YOUR IRON DOME SO I CAN INTO REMOVINGS YOU! However, Kaifeng Jews can into existence.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - Yuo were my vassal once Although you had a horrible past and we are still in dispute nowadays, I know that our relationship has reached a turning point. You are great in high-end manufacturing and pop culture while I am better in information science and massive production. Our industry structures are of complementary so that cooperation is our best choice. Also, your citizens are mostly well-mannered and I think mine have a lot to learn from them. If we unite and kick that USA-icon Fat Burger's ass we shall rebuild the glory of East Asia. HOWEVER, DO NOT EVEN DARE TO REMILITARIZE AGAIN! In addition, my High speed rail is still better than yours even though I bought some from you because my 复兴号 can run at the speed of 350kph but your Tohoku one can only run at 320! xixixixixixi!
  • Kiribati-icon Kiribatiball - Stopped recognizing Taiwan. Xixixixi have some airpranes.
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - Good trading partners. (Hi Amerika, I'm trading with your neighbor now! xixixixi) 
  • Nepal-icon NepalRawr - Great trading partner. I help him since India blockade him. But share Himalaya and Everest plox. Also my base to attack India
  • Philippines-icon Philippinesball - Duterte best President! We of signings treaty and warm share of clay! Have funds with my investments. he reminds me of marcos somehow... He actually is a rip off of Marcos... look at Mindanao! Martial Law! 1960's all over again! Has some oil. Explains why USA-icon Your father wanted you in the first place. Just remember to SHUT UP AND GIB SPRATLY ISLANDS! You should also be glad that I am want to help yuo.
  • South Korea-icon South Koreaball - Yuo were also my vassal once Used to hate her for being capitalist but I realized she is a better trading partner, and a better Korea unlike her brother who mumbles about nukes. Now currently my best ally against Sushi! But please don't into THAAD! Hey! I told yuo nat to! Remove THAAD NAO Or Else! Great job of getting along with yuor North Korea-icon brother, I of guess. If yuo want me to sign Peace Treaty, yuo must be my fliend. Why can't we of beings ally again, like Ming and Joseon ages? We been allies for thousands of years then you suddenly ditch me for USA-iconhim! No worry, is not like i will anschluss yuo. Who needings that rich, high-tech... High HDI... clay... BUT IT STINKS OF CAPITALIST BURGER!!! Also, you stole my Suyanjiao and impeded my semiconductor industry! May Japan defeat you in a blow!
  • Soviet-icon Sovietball - He let me be born and beat evil Nazi, but he became bad after Stalin died, but I still should thank him and miss him. Mao liked Stalin so when Kruschev blamings Stalin he got angry.
  • Spain-icon Spainball - She hates UK-icon Tea for taking Gibraltar-icon Gibraltarball like Hong Kong-icon Hong Kongball.
  • Solomon Islands-icon Solomon Islandsball - Stopped recognizing Taiwan.
  • Vietnam-icon Vietnamball - He is good trading partner but STOP CLAIMING SOUTH CHINA SEA, IT IS MINE (along with the Spartys and Paracel)! Xixixixi! He says he is cool with me but I feel like he secretly hates me... We taught them a lesson with the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979. If not for that, he will be the one who reforms and opens up... Fuk you for sucking the oil in South China sea, they're all mine!

敌人 (Enemies)

  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - 1949 Best year of My life! XIXIXIXIXIXIXI! Now Get Back To The Motherland! 1971 Another best year of my life! You Can't live in an Island Alone. You will Declined if you ever dare to Join UN-icon UNball! Even USA-icon USAball Don't Recognize Yuo! I've recently retreated my tourists and talked with Japan-icon Japan, United China-icon (tangle) so you know... United China-icon (tangle) IF YOU DONT UNITE WITH ME AND SUPPORTHong Kong-iconSTUPID TEA 2.0, I'II KICK YOUR ASS AND ANCHLESS YUO!!! STUPID NUMBER ONE!!!给爷爪巴!辣叫抽象!不懂你八说
  • Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball (formerly) - 谨记南京市政府和您所有的贵族!您所拥有的不仅仅是中国的附庸国!舒适的女人永远不会忘记,真诚地道歉!一日,您将向光荣的中国和毛泽东思想致敬!!! When you invaded me I was of weak, but I still removed you. Now that I am strong, I can easiry annex yuol stupid Japan-icon Son back into rightful Zhongguo sphere of infruence.
  • Some useless irrelevant jerks who don't recognise the grorious Zhongguo:
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Never heard of you. Stupid NATO American puppet!! Kosovo is Serbia!!!
  • Tibet-icon Dalai Lama - Tibet is of China! Remove Darai Lama! Defend Panchen Erdeni! Tibet is also an inarienable part of the inviorabre territory of mine!
  • FSA-icon FSAball - Fake syria, I hate yuo...
  • Uyghur-icon East Turkestan (will of never ever exist) - My schizophrenic son, this is his another side. No independence for yuo! Xinjiang is an inalienable part of the inviolable territory of Zhōngguó! Xixixixixixi! REMOVE KEBAB!

Administrative divisions

Most of them usually have the same personality as Chinaball and don't have a flag of their own, which explains why not many of them appear in the comics. Most of them do not have their own flags and emblem, They are usually expressed as this icon China-icon (subdivision), but almost all Chinese cityballs have their own Logo. Some cityballs also have their flags, emblems and logos at the same time, like Guangzhou-icon Guangzhouball.


Autonomous regions



*sooner or later xixixixi



In Polandball, China's speech sometimes has "R"s and "L" s swapped to make fun at the stereotype of Asians' accents. In reality, majority of China while the Japan-icon Japanese, whose language has the R sound but does not contain the L sound (In Korea, this is similar but vice versa) . In Japanese, there are man loan words from other languages, for example the word “lamp”. However, in these loan words, the “l” sound is usually pronounced as a “r” sound. Hence in Japanese, “lamp” is "ranpu". This lead to the misconception that in the West, Asians tend to mix up the the two letters. On the contrary, in most Chinese languages, there are fewer loan words. Moreover, in Mandarin (the most widely spoken Chinese language), there is a distinct “r” sound and “l” sound. Nonetheless, the general poor clarity of the Chinese when they speak in English does contribute to the misconception. Yet another common stereotype is the "Chinese Eyes." This is often represented by either drawing Chinaball's eyes as slanted lines, or narrowed almond-shaped eyes.

China has appeared using/purchasing items, only for him/her(depending on how the artist portrays China) to get confused when reading the tag/item, as it says "made in China". Various items have also failed because of some Chinese engineering which is just shit quality and cheap ripoffs from other western companies.But there definitely are many awesome ones.

How to draw

  1. Draw a basic circle filled with red color
  2. Draw the one big yellow star on the upper-left side of the ball
  3. Draw the smaller yellow stars around the bigger star (Don't draw it on the line!)
  4. Draw two lines as eyes and you're done!

Flag Colors

Maximum Red 222, 41, 16 C0-M0.815-Y0.927-K0.129 #DE2910
Golden Yellow 255, 222, 0 C0-M0.129-Y1-K0 #FFDE00



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