Chittagong Hill Tracts, also known as Hill Tractsball, is a separatist region of Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball. he failed independence. It is part of Chattogramball. Some Rakhine State-icon Rakhineballs live here, who had fled from Myanmar-iconMyanmarball’s anschluss.


Chittagong Hill Tractsball descended from 1-icon 1ball colonized by UK-icon UKball. He was forced part of Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball

Nowadays, he cannot into independence,..... but many people of Hill Tractsball are with Bangladesh-icon Bangladeshball

How to draw

Hill Tractsball uses the flag of his people:

  1. Divide the flag into two vertical stripes, red and white.
  2. Draw a yellow star on the white stripe.
  3. Draw the eyes and you have finished.


Bangabhumi and Chittagong

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