Chukotkaball, or Čukotkaball,is an autonomous okrug of Russia-icon Russiaball.


Chukotkaball was born as an iced 1-icon 1ball. He became part of Siberiaball and later, Russian-Empire-icon Russian EmpireballSoviet-icon Sovietball and Russia-icon Russiaball.

Has really small population because of his cold, cruel climate. Is mostly inhabited by Chukchi.

How to draw

Draw Chukotkaball is simple:

  1. Draw a white triangle to the left of the basic circle shape.
  2. Color the rest of circle with this blue.
  3. Draw a yellow circle at the centre the triangle.
  4. Draw the Russian flag in the yellow circle (white, blue, red)
  5. Draw eyes and you have finished.


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