Let's go to Clipperton! Nevermind, there's nobody there, but there's boobies if you’re interested.
— Bill Wurtz

Clipperton Islandball is a dependencyball of France-icon.png Franceball, formerly part of French Polynesia-icon.png French Polynesiaball. It is a little known and often forgotten islandball of the coast of Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball.


In 1711, France-icon.png Franceball discovered and adopted him, a little 7-icon.png 7ball.

How to draw

Drawing Clipperton Islandball is not very simple.

  1. Fill in the yellow background.
  2. Draw the crab. It has to be red and needs to have a black outline.
  3. Draw eyes and you've finished.

Please note that the flag is fictional and can be found in Uncyclopedia.

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