Colchis-icon.pngColchisball was an ancient kingdom and region on the coast of the Black Sea, centered in present-day western Georgia. Internationally, Colchis is perhaps best known for its role in Greek mythology, most notably as the destination of the Argonauts, as well as the home to Medea and the Golden Fleece. It was also described as a land rich with gold, iron, timber, and honey that would export its resources mostly to ancient Greece.


Colchis-icon.pngColchisball was officaly born from a 2-icon.png 2ball in 17th century BC. In the 13th century BC, the Kingdom of Colchis was formed as a result of the increasing consolidation of the tribes inhabiting the region. This power, celebrated in Greek mythology as the destination of the Argonauts.

Being in permanent wars with the neighbouring nations, the Colchis-icon.pngColchisball managed to absorb part of 2-icon.pngDiauehiball in the 750s BC, but lost several provinces to the Sarduri II of Urartu-icon.pngUrartuball following the wars of 750–748 and 744–742 BC. Overrun by the Cimmerianball and Scythia-icon.pngScythiaball in the 730s–720s BC, and invaded by Assyria-icon.pngAssyriaball, the kingdom disintegrated and eventually came under the Achaemenid-icon.pngAchaemenid Empireball toward the mid-sixth century BC.

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