College Stationball is a proud Texas-icon Texan city, born due to a railroad sent from Houston-icon Houstonball. It became a train station (hence college "station") and soon after that, a college was founded (hence "college" station). The population grew to 50,000 around the 1900's and the name has stuck for a while.


  • Bryanball - My next door neighbor! AND MAH LITTLE BRO!
  • Houston-icon Houstonball - I like Him, He's mah Bro,The only ever problem is Those darn OWLS.
  • Alabama-icon Alabamaball - Football Related Hate Relationship
  • Corpus Christiball-Wuh both hate Austinball.
  • Austinball - Former Rival.(Pronto mi enemigo....)
  • Alaska-icon Alaskaball - Muh Paw Don like'em Because of Size(I can into Relate with relevance).
  • Clevelandball - Thanks for taking Johnny!We just Have a neutral relation.
  • Denverball - VON MILLAH BOYS!SUPAH BOWL L MVP,PROUD TEACHAH OF 'EM.(AM I RELEVANT NOW YA'LL!?)We Liked Peyton...(sad noise)Also Von Miller is Relevant because of yuo Denver!
  • Texas-icon Texasball - He of sent Houston-icon Houstonball to make me.


College Station is home to the 5th largest Stadium by Capacity in the World!

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