Commune of the Working People of Estoniaball, Also known as the (CWKE) was a Historical and Unrecognized countryball of Estoniaball which's captial was Narvaball. It was also a puppet state of Russian SFSRball.


Friends (Sõbrad)

Russian SFSRball - He support me, i get happy when i get support for my fellow friend's of communism.

Enemies (Vaenlased)

Estoniaball - Tried to stop me! Ta on nõrk She got his friends to stop me, i only tried to help him into communism.

Latviaball - Very of the bads, Mina ära oma kartulitega He helped Estoniaball in the war, what i supposed to win!

United Kingdomball - Who are you even fighting anymore?

Evil Russiaball - Tsäar jerksid JUST DIE!

Baltische Landeswehrball - Friend or Enemy, you're still fighting Estoniaball.


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