confusionismball Confucianismball is a Confused philosophical religionball of Chinaball founded by Confucius.

Is known by the Chinaballs as "teachings of the wise".  Confucianismball is considered a philosophy, social ethics, political ideology, literary tradition and a way of life. Confucius, the Latin form of the name of Kung-Fu-Tzu, a Chinese philosopher of the sixth century BCE, compiled and organized ancient traditions of Chinese wisdom and elaborated a doctrine assumed as official in Chinaball for more than 25 centuries.


Actually, Confucianismball born in Zhouball from the ancient virtues.

Unlike other religions founders, Confucius did not preach a theology that would lead people to personal redemption. He preached a philosophy that sought the redemption of the State through the correctness of individual behavior. It was a doctrine oriented to this world, he preached a code of social conduct and not a way to life after death.

Confucianismball disn't consider himself a religion, but a doctrine based on the philosophical views of  Confucius (Kung-Fu-Tzu), during century VI a.C. People from other religions can follow confucianist virtues, many chinese buddhists and christians do it. More recently many confucian followers movements began with their own identity to emerge as is the case of the Confucius Church and other sects, these movements can be considered as an exclusively form of Confucianism, different from the doctrinal one.

Confucianism understands that man has all the tools to improve his life, through his virtues, and does not point out the need for a God or higher being to achieve inner peace.

How to draw Draw Confucianismball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a black inside it
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.