Cook Islandsball is one of New Zealand-icon New Zealandball's sons, along with Tokelau-icon Tokelauball and Niue-icon Niueball. He enjoys cooking and the beach. He even runs his own cooking show called Cooking with Cook.

Within the Realm of New Zealand, he is a state in free association, just like Niue-icon Niueball.

It is a coincidence not that Cook Islandball is the third fattest countryball in the world.



  • Nauru-icon Nauruball - Fellow island nation.
  • Maldives-icon Maldivesball - Is also in the blub club.
  • Sealand-icon Sealandball - You're really nice to me. You're paranoid, but nice none the less.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - He refuses to get near the oven... I wonder why?
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball- He's my papa so I'll love him no matter what....
  • Niue-icon Niueball - My brother who brags about his Wifi.
  • Tokelau-icon Tokelauball - My silent brother who doesn't like socialising.
  • Baker Island-icon Baker Islandball - My uncle that enjoys baking!
  • Scotland-icon Scotlandball - Gordon Ramsay is from here!
  • Hawaii-icon Hawaiiball - Were good Friends, Plox change your name back to Sandwich Islands.


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