Corfuball is an island-city of Greece-icon.png Greeceball. It resides in the Ionian Sea and is also geographically close to Albania-icon.png Albaniaball. The city is mostly known for Corfu Declaration. Corfu Declaration was a document that confirmed that Serbia's main goal was to create Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball after WW1.


Corfu in ancient times was a city state, it was the third most powerful naval power in Greece at the time, until it got conquered by Macedonball and later Epirusball, after that Romeballconquered it and then it was part of the Byzantine Empireball as a backwater state, until it's subjugation by Veniceball which held the island for the a long time. From medieval times to the 17th Century, Corfu had successfully repelled the Ottomans many times. After the Napoleonic Wars, Corfu fell under the rule of UKball and then was made capital of United States of the Ionian Islandsball until it unified with Greeceball in 1864.

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