The Cossack Hetmanate, officially known as the Cossackball  was a Ukrainian Cossack host in the region of Central Ukraine between 1648 and 1764 (or until 1782 according to some sources).

The Hetmanate was founded during the Uprising of 1648–57. Establishment of vassal relations with the Tsardom of Russiaball in the Treaty of Pereyaslav of 1654 is considered a benchmark of the Cossack Hetmanate in Soviet, Ukrainian, and Russian historiography. The second Pereyaslav Council in 1659 further restricted the independence of the Hetmanate, and from the Moscow side there were attempts to declare agreements reached in 1659 as nothing more than the "former Bohdan's agreements" of 1654.[8][9][10] The 1667 Treaty of Andrusovo – conducted without any representation from the Cossack Hetmanateball – established borders between the Polish and Russian states, dividing the Hetmanate in half along the Dnieper and putting the Zaporizhian Sichball under a formal joint Russian-Polish administration.

After a failed attempt to break the union with Russian Empireball  in 1708, the whole area was included into the Government of Kievball and Cossackball autonomy was severely restricted. Russia officially abolished the institute of the Hetman in 1764, and in 1764-1781 the Cossack Hetmanate was incorporated as the Little Russia Governorate headed by Pyotr Rumyantsev, with the last remnants of the Hetmanate's administrative system abolished in 1781.

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