The Cossack Hetmanaterawr was a Slavic rawr in the region of Central and Southern Ukraineball between 1648 and 1764.


The Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Hetmanaterawr was founded during the Uprising against Poland-Lithuania-icon.png Polandball of 1648–1657 called War of Liberation of the Ukrainian People. Then, in 1654, Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Cossack Hetmanaterawr became a vassal of the Tsardom of Russia-icon.png Tsardom of Russiaball through the Treaty of Pereyaslav. Later, Tsardom of Russia-icon.png Tsardom of Russiaball even further restricted the independence of the Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Hetmanaterawr by the second Pereyaslav Council in 1659.

In 1667, Poland-Lithuania-icon.png Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball and Tsardom of Russia-icon.png Tsardom of Russiaball established Treaty of Andrusovo without the knowledge of Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Cossack Hetmanaterawr and splitted the Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Hetmanaterawr in half along the Dnieper and putting the Zaporizhian Sichball under a formal joint Tsardom of Russia-icon.png Poland-Lithuania-icon.png Russian-Polish administration.

Then, trying to break the union with Russian-Empire-icon2.png Russian Empireball, Cossack Hetmanate-icon.png Cossack Hetmanaterawr went to the Alliance with Swedish Empire-icon.png Swedenball, but he lost, and Russian-Empire-icon2.png Russian Empireball killed him.

Flag Colors

Gold 255, 213, 0 C0-M16-Y100-K0 #FFD500
Navy Blue 0, 91, 187 C100-M51-Y0-K27 #005BBB
Sante Fe 178, 106, 81 C0-M40-Y54-K30 #B26A51
Scarlet 238, 28, 26 C0-M88-Y89-K7 #EE1C1A
Varden 255, 242, 211 C0-M5-Y17-K0 #FFF2D3
Black 0, 0, 0 C000-M000-Y000-K100 #000000




  • Tatars-icon.png Crimean Khanateball - We fought side by side against the Poland-Lithuania-icon.png big bully, but then he betrayed me!
  • Ottoman Empire-icon.png Ottoman Empireball - Yuo helped me restore my power a few times, but я will not forgive yuo and Tatars-icon.png him for plundering my villages and selling my residents to рабство!



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