Cottbusball is a cityball located in Brandenburg-icon Brandenburgball, Germany-icon Germanyball.


The city was founded back in the Middle Ages (10th Century) when March of Lusatiaball built a castle on an island on the Spree river and was later adopted by Kingdom of Poland-icon Duchy of Polandball, Kingdom of Poland-icon Kingdom of Polandball, March of Lusatiaball again and then Kingdom of Bohemia-icon Kingdom of Bohemiaball.

However in the 13th century, Germans came to Cottbus and lived along with the Sorbs.

In 1445 he was acquired by Margraviate of Brandenburg-icon Margraviate of Brandenburgball and then adopted by Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball, Saxony-icon Kingdom of Saxonyball, Kingdom of Prussia-icon Kingdom of Prussiaball (again), German Empire-icon German Empireball, Germany-icon Weimar Republicball and Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball. In 1945 he became occupied by Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and then became part of ReichRawr-icon Allied-Occupied GermanyRawr, East Germany-icon East Germanyball and finally, Germany-icon Germanyball.

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