DCballDC Comicsball, Washington DCball or Washingtonball, he gets taxation without representation, is the character representing the District of Columbia in the Polandball universe.

He is the capital cityball of USA-icon USAball who struggles with trying not to be incompetent and greedy. He is neighbors with his parents Virginia-icon Virginiaball and Maryland-icon Marylandball. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful entities in the US; it's usually the boss that tells other states what to do (much to their displeasure).

The White House is the most stronkest building within USAball, he made that house specially for presidents, Donald Trump-icon Trumpball is president of the USA-icon USAball, and he is currently living there. even though he happens to stay in New York Cityball and Bedminsterball a large amount of the time. There are several other important buildings, namely, the Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are located in his clay along with many other memorials and historical sites. Due to many of his buildings and power he can into importance.


DCball began as a 3-icon 3ball, his clay was discovered and adopted by UK-iconUKball as ColAmerica-icon Colonial Americaball. When in 1776, Colonial Americaball rebelled and became USA-icon USAball. Shortly after becoming a country they founded DCball in 1790, which was located between the hands of Maryland-icon Marylandball and Virginia-icon Virginiaball.

Nowadays, DCball is a federal district of USAball. However, in the near future, there are three possible outcomes; remaining a federal district, retrocession by Marylandball or becoming a state.

He has his own teams for all five major sports leagues in America:

  • Washington Football Team of the NFL,
  • Washington Capitals of the NHL,
  • Washington Wizards of the NBA,
  • Washington Nationals of MLB (formerly owned by Montrealball),
  • D.C. United of MLS, and
  • Washington Mystics of the WNBA.


How to draw

Draw DCball is simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw two thick horizontal red lines
  3. Draw three red stars over the lines
  4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



  • USA-icon USAball - Best country! I'm proud to be your capital, grandpa. But can I please have statehood? Please?
  • London-icon Londonball - Can you please tell NYC to shut up and leave me alone? I support you being the capital of the world; you deserve it better than him.


  • NYC-icon New York Cityball - I'm the capital of the USA, not you! Why do you keep overshadowing me?!
    • NYC-icon: If it isn't my little midget cousin.
      • WashingtonDC-icon: Why don't you shut up?
  • Moscow-icon Moscowball - Our relationship is complicated. Everything else is all a matter of history. But we're trying to improve. I have this in my clay. You know, Moscow, I don't like you. We've been through so many problems together that I'm not sure of my opinions on you any more. But hey, we're trying to improve. Perhaps we can even be friends in the future. Well, we're already what others may consider 'friends.' And sometimes grateful for things you've done... and I do suppose sometimes I like you...As a f-friend...well...Frenemy...don't you dare get any wrong ideas! But for now, you'd better cut the chitchat with me..Don't make me hate you more than I already do.



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