"I of not cod!"

Daeguball(대구공) is a cityball of South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball. Daeguball is also the 4th most populated cityball in South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball. Daeguball is also has a bad climate, with the temperatures going up to 40o C during summer and -20o during winter. This is primarily because Daeguball is located on high grounds, with mountains surrounding the city. This causes Daeguball to be intensely hot during summer and intensely cold during winter. It is divided into 5 parta North, South, East, West and South-West Not to be confused with 대구, or Codfish.


In 1601, Joseon-icon.png Joseonball chose Daeguball to be the province capitalball of Gyeongsangdoball. Daeguball also had markets for Tokugawa-icon.png Tokugawaball to trade.

in 1895, Daeguball had one of the first post offices in Korean Empireball. Daeguball also had a station in the Gyeongbu railway, along with Daejeonball, Seoulball, and Incheonball. One of the March 1st movement in 1919 happened in Daeguball. IN 1946, Daeguball had the Autumn uprising of 1946(대구 10.1 사건).

In 1995, Daeguball mecame a Metroploitan cityball of South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball.



Other Relationships

  • Japanball-Old trading partner, Invading Daegu clay
  • USAball- Father's friend NEVER FORGETTINGS 1946!!!


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