Dai Vietball (Đại Việt) officially known as Kingdom of Đại Việt was a classical kingdomball in Southeast Asia and also the predecessor of Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball.


Dai Vietball born as an 1-icon.png 1ball. She passed in the hands of Xích Quỷball, Văn Langball, Âu Lạcball, Nam Việtball, Giao Chỉball, Lĩnh Namball, Giao Chỉball, Giao Châuball, Vạn Xuânball, Giao Châuball, An Namball, Trấn Namball, An Namball, Tĩnh Hải quânball and Đại Cồ Việtball. She stayed independent for four centuries and briefly being in the hands of Mingball from 1407 to 1427. She reached her zenith during the reign of Le Thanh Tong (1460-1497), and after that she quickly felt ill, divided and she, even her successors are never able to regain the hegemony over the region of Southeast Asia from the hands of Toungooball and Ayutthayaball. She collapsed and her remains was unified in 1802, became the weak Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamese Empire (Dainamball).

How to draw

  1. Color the basic circle shape of white ot yellow
  1. Draw inside it a orange horse
  2. Draw normal-eyes and you've finished.


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