Dalian-iconDalianball is a coast cityball of China-icon (subdivision) Liaoningball, China-icon Chinaball.He is famous for Xinghai Square - the biggest square in Asia.He also has biggest zoo in China, so can 'very' into tourism! He can also into vice-provincial cityball and cityball specifically designated in the state plan. He can into many harbors


Dalianball born as 1-icon 1ball.Later adopted by 1-icon Dynasty Chinaball, Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball, Russian-Empire-icon Russian Empireball, Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball and China-icon Chinaball.He is the only northeast cityball that didn't be adopted by Manchukuo-icon Manchukuoball.He was named Russian Dalianball and Kwantung Leased Territoryball during Russia time and Japan time, Russo-Japanese War were fighting for him.

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