Dallasball is a city of Texasball, USAball. It’s the stereotypical Texan cowboy cityball, known for its love of football and Walker Texas Ranger. Handles most of Texasball's finance, and along with Fort Worthball is a part of the fourth-largest urban area in USAball.


Dallasball was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by a settler from Tennesseeball, along with settlers from other U.S. Stateballs and Franceball. In a fit of temporary insanity, Dallasball once whacked USAball on the head so hard that he was out cold for a few hours. They've since forgiven one another, but Dallasball still gets dirty looks every now and then for it, especially since it's all USAball remembers about him.

Can into Robocop. (Detroit thinks it can, but that's really Dallas in the background.)

In addition to his beloved Cowboys of the NFL, he has a couple of major sports teams: the Stars of the NHL (stolen from Minneapolisball), the Mavericks of the NBA, FC Dallas of the MLS, and the Rangers of the MLB.

Also, Dallasball  hosted the 2018 NRA convention.


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