Deir ez-Zorball is a governorate of Syria-icon Syriaball.


Deir ez-Zorball born as a 4ball, adopted by Assyriaball, Achaemenidball, Seleucidball, Parthiaball, SPQRball, Sassanidball, Umayyadball, Ilkhanateball, Mamlukball, Ottoman Empireball, Franceball, FSAball and Syriaball.

His clay is mostly blank desert, but with river. Ottoman Empireball once brought Armeniaballs here to kill them. Recently it has been occupied by ISISball.

Syriaball broke the siege in Deir ez-Zorball. Now there is fighting between Syriaball and ISISball in Deir ez-Zorball. But Kurdistanball took North Deir ez-Zorball. As a result, Russiaball and Syriaball bombarbed Kurdistanball so many SDF people were killed. But now ISISball Deir ez-Zor got sieged and Syriaball recaptured Deir ez-Zor.

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