Delhi Sultanate was a South Asian country that can of rule most of India and stop many Mongol raids, but their reputation as Mongol carnage stopper are damaged by their ruler, as they known for its ruthlessness, savageness, and faithlessness.



  • Ilkhanate-icon.png Ilkhanateball - of stop raiding my clay yuo Mongol scum! Yuo raided me but yuo yuorself can't into conquering me!
  • Chagatai Khanate-icon.png Chagataiball - Same like Ilkhanate. Even worse.
  • Rajasthan-icon.png Guhila Dynastyball - Infidels! Gib back our Sultan(Alauddin Khalji) girl. Alauddin can into conquer Chittor! Gib Queen Padmavati!!!
  • Timurid Empire-icon.png Timuridball - What?! Yuo try to remove me because im too tolerate to the non muslims? HEY!!! Rasullulah taught us to tolerate the non muslims! Not raiding them like yuo! Besides, yuo are the same like Mongol! Yuo just 'kebab Mongol'!

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