Demak Sultanateball is a historical Javanese-Chinese kebab countryball of Indonesiaball who live in XV century.


Demak Sultanateball is one of Majaphitball's son. He's successfully separate from his dad in late 15th century. Demak Sultanateball known as the first kebab monarchy in Java. Soon he becomes stronkest kingdom in Java. Demak Sultanateball killed by rebels in 1548. His son, Pajang Sultanateball become his successor. 


How To Draw

  1. Draw basic circle shape
  2. Split the base circle by vertical line with 1:1 proportion
  3. Color the right side yellow, and the other side is sky blue
  4. Add blangkon on his head
  5. Draw eyes and you have finished
  6. You can draw a variant, which is the basic circle shape.
  7. Draw a vertical green stripe. Then draw two yellow stripes that are  three times as small as the green.
  8. Draw a sun with 10 rays that is yellow. 
  9. Draw a green star and crescent in the middle of the sun.
  10. Draw the eyes and you are finished.

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