Pour la Congolexicomatization des lois du marché propres aux Congolais
— Eddy Malou

"Democratic" Republic of the Gorilla Congoball (or DR Congoball) a.k.a. Congo-Kinshasaball and formerly Zaire-icon Zaireball is an African countryball. He has very bad luck because he is one of the poorest countryballs and is very corrupt, and have very low HDI even if he have many resources on his clay (who create violent conflicts with his neighbours). As of 2018, it has a population of 84 million inhabitants and grows very fast!

He is also a doctor, because of his initials (D.R) and can into intelligence and scientific theories lies


DR Congoball has a very long history. He is descendant of the 8-icon 8ball and later the Bantu-icon Bantuball. He was part of the Kingdom of Congo-icon Kingdom of Kongoball with his brother before the Waffle invasion. But we will begin when he was first a countryball.

He was first the Congo Free State-icon Congo Free Stateball, then Belgium-icon Belgiumball made him change to Belgian Congo-icon Belgian Congoball. After gaining independence, he called himself the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But soon after a civil war rose and overthrew the democratic government and replaced it with a dictatorship lead by a man call Mobutu. Mobutu installed cruel policies, but was supported by the USA. Soon Mobutu renamed the countryball to Zaire-icon Zaireball. After the fall of communism in the 1990s, the USAball called for democratisation of Zaire. Since Mobutu was suffering from advanced prostate cancer, he was easily deposed.

After the genocide in Rwanda-icon Rwandaball, a civil war involving 9 countries raged on for a while and made millions of victims before a new "democratic" government was installed. The countryball was renamed back to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a new constitution was made allowing for greater freedom. Although there were great reforms, the DR Congo remains one of the poorest countries in the world. His clay has many ressources like gold or coltan who are stolen by very violent armed groups who continue to kill and rape everyone in the region of DR Congo-icon (division) Nord-Kivuball.

DRC used to be ran by Joseph Kaliba, who, well, let's just say he was corrupt. Now, things are looking to be better for the DRC, because they have a new president. It was the first peaceful power transfer in 60 years for the DRC.




  • Belgium-icon Mon bad papa- HONHONHONHONHONHON U LOST TO France-icon FROG IN 2018 WORLD CUP!. My Adoptive Bully of a Father, I hated when he caused a genocide on me. He is so disrespectful and rude that he makes racist comics about me!. Also he stole my diamonds and many other resources! Leopold II is as bad as Nazi! Well we've been trying to get along better now but our relationship is still very rocky. But we both like football. Pls apologise to me!
  • India-icon Gypsy v2 - Too many indiaballs in Kinshasa. And stop attacking my exchange students !Why do you even want to come here? Life is hard.
  • Somalia-icon Somaliaball - Frinkin Pirate who will not recognize Somaliland-icon The true Somalia. I suggest as your doctor you should release him before you explode into no one.
  • Rwanda-icon Rwandaball and Burundi-icon Burundiball - SAVE TUTSI! SAVE HUTU! NEVER FORGET 1972 AND 1994!
  • Uganda-icon Ugandaball - Enemy during the war. (TU ES LA KNUCKLES UGANDAIS WHO KNOWS ZE WAE!)
  • Libya-icon Libyaball - STOP CALLING ME BELGIQUE!




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