Denverball is the capital and largest cityball of Colorado-icon Coloradoball. It is often referred to as the Mile High City because of where it's situated in the Rocky Mountains.

He has several major sports teams:

  • The Colorado Rockies of MLB (he and Miami-icon Miamiball got their teams at the same time in 1993)
  • The Nuggets of the NBA
  • The Broncos of the NFL
  • The Colorado Avalanche of the NHL (taken from Quebec Cityball)
  • The Rapids of MLS

However, despite his many sports teams, Denver became notorious in 1972 to have become the only city ever to turn down hosting Olympics. Denver was to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, as it would have coincided with USA-icon USAball's 200th and Colorado-icon Coloradoball's 100th anniversary, but in 1972 decided not to due to enviromental concerns. The IOC then selected Innsbruckball to take over the responsibility.


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