Dergball, also known as Dergueball, was a socialist provisional government in Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball. Like it's brother Somaliaball.


Ethiopiaball was born as an 8ball, later adopted by Kingdom of Aksumball until becoming Ethiopian Empireball and then became communist. By the mid-1980s, Ethiopia was ravaged by various issues such as droughts, economic decline, the 1983–1985 famine, increasing reliance on foreign aid, mismanagement, corruption, the after-effects of failed Derg policies, the Eritrean War of Independence, and the Ethiopian Civil War between the Derg and United States-backed ethnic militias. In 1987, Mengistu abolished the Derg and formed PDR Ethiopiaball led by the Workers' Party of Ethiopia, with a new government dominated by surviving members of the Derg. 


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