Despotate of Dobrujaball, also known as Principality of Karvunaball, was a quasi-independent polity in the region of modern Bulgarian Dobruja.


The Despotate of Dobrujaball was an autonomous province of SecoendBulgarianEmpire-icon.pngSecond Bulgarian Empireball. In 1367, the Savoy-icon.pngDuchy of Savoyball attacked Second Bulgarian Empireball to bail his ally Byzantine-icon.pngByzantine Empireball which Second Bulgarian Empireball had captured out of paranoia. Savoyball allied Dobrujaball, which from then on fully seceded.

Later the Despotate of Dobrujaball participated in the SecondBulgarian Empireball's war against Hungary (Saint Stephen)-icon.pngKingdom of Hungaryball (1000-1526) who was occupying Second Bulgarian Empire-icon.pngTsardom of Vidinball. He also went to war with Genoa-icon.pngRepublic of Genoaball and tried to anschluss Empire of Nicaea-icon.pngEmpire of Trebizondball, but was unsuccessful. He was later killed by Ottoman-icon.pngKebab in the 1400s after briefly being adopted by Wallachia-icon.pngWallachiaball.


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