Dioneball, also known as DIOneballSaturn IV, is the Joestar family's worst enemy a moonball of Saturnball.

Dione is Famous For being the Part 1 and part 3 Villian of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Dione is often confused with the moon but without the Craters

He Can Stop time by Yelling Za Warudo and can even throw Road rollers to smash you.


Dione contains large amounts of water-ice, which makes up about two-thirds of her mass. The rest is probably a dense, silicate core.

Orbit - Rotation

Dione orbits rather close to Saturnball. She maintains a 1:2 mean-motion resonance with her brother, Enceladusball, which maintains the latter's slight eccentricity.

A real life photo of Dione for reference

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