Donetsk People's Republicball is a proto-state, occupying a part of territory of Ukraine-icon Ukraineball with support of Russia-icon Russiaball. He is affiliated to Novorossiya-icon Novorossiyaball and wants to be with Russiaball.


Prior to 2014, Donetskball was originally known as an oblast of Ukraine-icon Ukraineball when the unrest began in 2014. Separatist soon took over territory in the oblast and established an independent state free from Ukraine. He was soon joined by Luhansk-Republic-icon Lugansk People's Republicball so they can get closer to Russia-icon Russiaball. Ukraineball with the support of EU-icon EUball and USA-icon USAball to reclaim his lost clay, but he failed and was soon pushed back into a stalemate. Donetskball had at one point shot down a Netherlands-icon Dutch airliner by accident causing international outrage. As of 2018, the current War in Donbass is a stalemate and Donetskball remains free from Ukraineball's control.



And all else who have friendly relations with Russia..


  • Ukraine-icon Ukraineball - Obviously, and because you murdered Alexander Zakharchenko in a explosion.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball- You need to stop what you're doing. Just don't say a word. 
  • USA-icon USAball- Stop sending aid to Ukraine. I like you already! If Putin and Kim Jong Un likes you, so do I
  • Canada-icon Canadaball- Hey whats the idea calling me a Ukrainian. You said this about me publicily "  You are nothing but a Russian puppet state. Zakarchenko deserved to die. Don't even try getting into the UN. Stay out of Ukraine. Your time will be over. Ukraine is better than Russia and you are a puppet. Now get your Russian soldiers out and rejoin Ukraine so we can have peace. Your a Ukrainian and you will always be Ukrainian." Your a real dick you know? Sending troops to Ukraine, calling Putin a aggressor and so forth. Aw you Blyat wait till the Canadian elections arrive and see how it goes for you. As for Trudeau... Suka blyat.
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball - You beated Russia in FIFA unforgivable.

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