Donetskball (Ukrainian: Донецьк, Russian: Донецк) is an industrial cityball of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball/the capital of Donetsk People's Republicball and Donetsk Oblastball. Donetskball has around 2 million people in his clay. He his heavily urbanised, with a Russian majority population. He is good at sports. He is heavily contested, with Russiaball and Ukraineball wanting him, and his clay.


Donetskball was made because of many coal mines and steel mills. In WW2, forced labourers called Donetskball home. He has not had much of an interesting history until 2014, where they decided to call their own referendum and called their own republic, asking for Russiaball to intervene into the situation. He was then given self rule and became the central part of the Donetsk People's Republicball of Novorossiaball.


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