China-icon (subdivision)Dongdan Districtball was a districtball of Beijing-iconBeijingball, China-iconChinaball.The western version of him is China-icon (subdivision)Xidan Districtball, who is the father of Xicheng-iconXicheng Districtball (Western version of his son).He is not Dongdan Kingdomball


China-icon (subdivision)Dongdan Districtball born as 1-icon1ball.She died for dystocia in 1958 at the age of 6, she and her husband was anschluss by her newborn son at soon.



  • China-icon (subdivision)Dongsi Districtball - He is mai husband, but I don't know how yuo continue to sulvive.Its learry a miracle because the western version of you was already dead.
  • China-icon (subdivision)Dongcheng Districtball - The child whom I have never seen, you just need to know I...I had existed in the world before.
  • China-icon (subdivision)Xidan Districtball - Western Dan!My cousin and my best friend.We died in the same year and for the same reason.Do all the things we had done are synchronized?


She has too many ancestors, so she also has many cousins without know how far is the blood relationship between them.

Close relative


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