Drava Banovinaball was a banovina (a province) of the Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball from 1929 to 1941.

The Drava Banovinaball united all Sloveneballs, that lived in Yugoslavia. It was considered the most well educated and most industrialised part of the new slavic country that succeded Austria-Hungaryball. He was proud of his rich cultural scene, as he developed the first university on Slovene soil, as well as the first radio and countless newspapers, libraries, theatres and cinemas.

He had a not so good relationship with his northern neighbour Austriaball, who took some of his northermost land from him after WW1 (even though Austriaball got that territory by a plebiscite, Drava Banovinaball didn't fully aknowledge it). He also resented Austriaball for mistreating the Slovene minority living on his soil.

He had an interesting relationship with papa Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, as he liked being a slav and not being bulllied by Austriaball anymore, but he also disliked some new laws set by Serbiaball, which prohibited slovene partiotism.

He had a really bad relationship with Italy, as Drava Banovinaball hated Fascist Italyball for killing his kin, who were living in his territory (which he stole from Yugoslaviaball after WW1).

The only neighbour he had a descent relationship with was Banovina of Croatiaball, as they both wanted more autonomy and cultural freedom from papa Yugoslaviaball

In 1941 he was killed by Kingdom of Italyball,which occuped the western part and Nazi Germanyball, which occupied the eastern part of the Banovina.

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