Duchy of Kldekariball was a duchyball in present day Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball.


The duchyball was established in 876 by Liparit I of house Baghuashi. In their new fiefdom, the Liparitids accepted the suzerainty of a certain David I of Iberia. They built a stronghold called Kldekari ("rock gate") on a strategic mountain of the Trialeti Range. Despite its small size, the duchyball was very important for neighboring countries, and, to some of them, even threatening.

In 1074, a certain prince John revolted against his father, King George II of Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball and attempted to get support from Seljuk-icon.png Seljukball. Seljuk-icon.png Seljukball, however, invaded and ravaged them. The duchyball ceased to exist in 1184.

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