Duchy of Luxembourgball was a HRE German county. It was once united with Kingdom of Bohemiaball.


The Duchy of Luxembourgball was born as 2-icon 2ball, and then it was conquered by SPQR-icon Roman Empireball, and then the Roman Empire was dissolved and the Duchy of Luxembourgball was now apart of Western Roman Empireball, the Western Roman Empire dissolves and becomes apart of Francia-icon Franciaball, and then the Frankish Empire was dissolved and becomes apart of Middle Francia-icon Middle Franciaball, and then it was apart of Lorraine-icon Duchy of Lorraineball and HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball, and then now the County of Luxembourgball was formed in 1059, breaking away from the Duchy of Lorraineball, but the county was upgraded into a duchy in 1353, and then the Duchy was upgraded to a kingdom and now we have the Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball as of today.