EUball (more formally the European Unionball) is a political-economic supernational unionball made up of 28 different member countries (27 If you don't include UKBall )

Combined, he has the second largest economy behind USA-icon USAball, and has the largest single market in the world, making him a member of G20, and sometimes even being described as a superpower. With many of his major achievements, he is seen as an inspiration for other supernational unionballs such as ASEAN-icon ASEANball, African Union-icon African Unionball and Eurasian Union-icon Eurasian Unionball.

Recently, EUball is going though a series of hard tests, like the Syrian refugee crisis, UK-icon Brexit, the Eurozone crisis, and the War in Donbass, a military intervention between Russia-icon Russiaball and Ukraine-icon Ukraineball.

His national day is November 1.

Unfortunately many of his current MEPs are incompetent and/or corrupt, and he decided to pass a copyright directive that will help the rich at the expense of the common people. Now even Scotland is scared of him.


His character is very idealistic. Most of his proceedings are meant good, however, they mostly don’t pack out very well. He tries to help refugees from the Middle East and Africa, being good for the environment, and give economic support to poor countries. When he fails in one of these things, other countries see him as a failed creation. But beside this nice and lovely EUball, he also has a dark side: Because he is seen by many as the reincarnation of ReichTime Reichtangle, he is believed to be obsessed with Anschluss because he is already a reich; Merkelreich or Merkelreichtangle. When in Anschluss mode (aka federalized), he turns into a tall, slender rectangle with small white dots for eyes like Reichtangle and at this point he is either called the Fourth Reich or the Merkelreich (named after Angela Merkel former technocratic scientist and current Chancellor of Germany who is often considered to be the de facto leader of the Eurozone, to the point that it spawned a memetic map known as Merkelreich). When this happens, he doesn’t even need a military to scare the other countries. Right now as of 2019 memes are banned to protect his companies.


Post-War Era & Creation of the EEC (1945-1970)

After World War II, European integration was seen as an antidote to the extreme nationalism which had devastated the continent. 1952 saw the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSCball), which was declared to be a first step in the federation of Europe. In 1957, Belgium-icon Belgiumball, France-icon Franceball, Italy-icon Italyball, Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball, Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball and Germany-icon West Germanyball signed the Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EU-icon EECball) and established a customs union. They also signed another pact creating the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratomball) for co-operation in developing nuclear energy. EU-icon EECball and Euratomball were created separately from ECSCball, although they shared the same courts and the Common Assembly. In 1965 an agreement was reached and on 1 July 1967 the Merger Treaty created a single set of institutions for the three communities, which were collectively referred to as the European Communities.  

Expansion (1970-1993)

In 1973, the Communities enlarged to include Denmark-icon Denmarkball (including Greenland-icon Greenlandball, which later left the Community in 1985, following a dispute over fishing rights), Ireland-icon Irelandball, and UK-icon UKball. Norway-icon Norwayball had negotiated to join at the same time, but he rejected membership in a referendum. In 1979, the first direct elections to the European Parliament were held. Greece-icon Greeceball joined in 1981, Portugal-icon Portugalball and Spain-icon Spainball following in 1986. In 1985, the Schengen Agreement paved the way for the creation of open borders without passport controls between most member states and some non-member states. In 1986, the European flag began to be used by the Community and the Single European Act was signed. In 1990, just one year before the fall of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball and just after Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball’s independence, former East Germany-icon East Germanyball became part of the Community as part of a reunified Germany. With further enlargement planned to include the former communist states, as well as Cyprus-icon Cyprusball and Malta-icon Maltaball, the Copenhagen criteria for candidate members to join the EU were agreed upon in June 1993.

The beginning of the European Union (1993-present)

European Unionball was formally established when the Maastricht Treaty came into force on 1 November 1993. In 1995, Austria-icon Austriaball, Finland-icon Finlandball, and Sweden-icon Swedenball joined EU. In 2002, euro banknotes and coins replaced national currencies in 12 of the member states. Since then, the eurozone has increased to encompass 19 countries. In 2004,  EUball saw its biggest enlargement to date when Cyprus-icon Cyprusball, Czech-icon Czechball, Estonia-icon Estoniaball, Hungary-icon Hungaryball, Latvia-icon Latviaball, Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball, Malta-icon Maltaball, Poland-icon Polandball, Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball and Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball joined EUball. In 2007, Romania-icon Romaniaball and Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball became EU members. The same year, Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball adopted the euro, followed in 2008 by Cyprus-icon Cyprusball and Malta-icon Maltaball, by Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball in 2009, by Estonia-icon Estoniaball in 2011, by Latvia-icon Latviaball in 2014 and by Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball in 2015. 

On 1 December 2009, the Lisbon Treaty entered into force and reformed many aspects of EUball. In 2012, EUball received the Nobel Peace Prize for having "contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy, and human rights in Europe." In 2013, Croatia-icon Croatiaball became the 28th EU member. From the beginning of the 2010s, the European Union is going through a series of tests, including a debt crisis in some Eurozone countries, increasing migration from Middle Eastern countries, Russian military intervention in Ukraine-icon Ukraineball and the UK-icon UKball's withdrawal from the EU.


  • Austria-icon Austriaball (Joined in 1995) - Mon personal doctor anschluss who ich sometimes bring a volunteer slave debt member test subject for his experiments. Also he's my uncle.
  • Belgium-icon Belgiumball (Founder state, joined in 1958) - Mein glorious capital who thinks he ist relevant now. In fact, je choose him as kapital because of his irrelevance! Honhonhon.
  • Bulgaria-icon Bulgariaball (Joined in 2007) - Who? I never heard of this guy. Is he a member of the euros? Hello Bulgaria, mon remote little eastern friend!
  • Croatia-icon Croatiaball (Joined in 2013) - Welcome to the family of the Euros, newbie,now you can into Schengen!
  • Cyprus-icon Cyprusball (Joined in 2004) - You and I against kebab! Pay debt. I actually don’t care about you.
  • Czech-icon Czechiaball (Joined in 2004) - You are the border between west and east Europe, between north and south Europe. We are glad to havingz you in our union. Lebensraum.
  • Denmark-icon Denmarkball (Joined in 1973) - Socialism best ism, right? But now accept immigrants.
  • Estonia-icon Estoniaball (Joined in 2004) - You will be big and stronk if you join us, like you always wished. Borderzone between us and Russia.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball (Joined in 1995) - Perekele, mon ami! Remove caviar plox
  • France-icon Franceball (Founder state, joined in 1958) - Best ma'am
  • Germany-icon Germanyball (Founder state, joined in 1958) - Best Dude
  • Greece-icon Greeceball (Joined in 1981) - Thank you for helpings les refugees. Exterminate that cancer that is killing the euro! Stop stealing all my monies! I don't care if you leave me!
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball (Joined in 2004) - Ich know you are part of the Balkan-route, but if you isolate yourself against the refugees, it won't be in your opportunity in the future. Think in long terms, mon friend! Je will unmember you if you don’t accept immigrants, selfish goulash!
  • Ireland-icon Irelandball (Joined in 1973) - I will treat you better than UK-icon UKball. Always good to have some influence on the British islands. You get potato but need to share with Latvia. Now make Apple pay their tax. Also please continue to give potato to UKball's citizens in Norn Ironball's clay. join schengen plox
  • Italy-icon Italyball (Founder state, Joined in 1958) - Thank you for helping the refugees. Its that you are a founder member, otherwise yuo would be in the same situation as Greece, also I don't like Matteo Salvini
  • Latvia-icon Latviaball (Joined in 2004) I will give you potatoes. I will even give you potatoe-subsidy! More borderzone against bully.
  • Lithuania-icon Lithuaniaball (Joined in 2004) - No no no! Don’t do it! You still have something to live for! Join me and together we can create a world in peace! Even more borderzone lebensraum.
  • Luxembourg-icon Luxembourgball (Founder state, joined in 1958) - Oh poor Luxembourg. You feel small? Together we kan do great things. Mon little money piggy.
  • Malta-icon Maltaball (Joined in 2004) - Here, take euromoneys. Forever irrelevant hahaha! 
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball (Founder state, joined in 1958) - Mein harbor and no I won't legalize weed in the whole continent. And get Partij voor de Vrijheid out of the way
  • Poland-icon Polandball (Joined in 2004) - Accept immigrants or else! Danzig ist Deutsch! But you are a member of me so I like you. I Apologize for grandpa's actions.
  • Portugal-icon Portugalball (Joined in 1986) - My favourite stinky slave member, he has some problems with his economy because I want all his money that I must solve...
  • Romania-icon Romaniaball (Joined in 2007) - You poor? I will help you. Influence over the Black Sea. And keep your gypsies with you!
  • Slovakia-icon Slovakiaball (Joined in 2004) - Plox, help the refugees. Ich helped tu too when you were in need of help. Take those filthy immigrants or I will anschluss you again!
  • Slovenia-icon Sloveniaball (Joined in 2004) - I should be honest, I have nothing to say about you. Just pay your debts and everything will be fine. Accept being part of the Balkan immigrant route!
  • Spain-icon Spainball - (Joined in 1986) - Plox Spain, raise your work time to 6 hours a day and one day you may be able to pay your debts. Wörk wörk wörk sweinhund or I will accept Catalonia's independence!
  • Sweden-icon Swedenball (Joined in 1995) - Shining epitome of socialism. Gay viking
  • UK-icon UKball - In the process of leaving the union. Traitre! join schengen plox
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball, Liechtenstein-icon Liechtensteinball, Norway-icon Norwayball and Iceland-icon Icelandball - Please join me!

Disclaimer: EUball was concieved on 7 February 1992 and was born on 1 November 1993 the same day he became an acting leader and became the official leader of the EU when his brother died on 1 December 2009



Flag Colors

Dark Powder Blue 0, 51, 153 C100-M67-Y0-K40 #003399
Tangerine Yellow 255, 204, 0 C0-M20-Y100-K0 #FFCC00



  • East Germany-icon East Germanyball - Great former friend, now he's dead
  • SPQR-icon SPQRball - Historical inspiration. Everyone says that with my artistically sophisticated France-icon Mom and technologically advanced Germany-icon Germany, I shall outshine this legendary figure soon and rule Europe.
  • ReichTime Reichtangle - Mein treue form, pay debts and take immigrants or else...
  • Illuminati-icon Winged Doom-icon Trilluminati and Omskbird - Together we will rule the world
  • Canada-icon Canadaball - Great liberal friend who is multicultural but stop cuddling those cute seals to death
  • USA-icon USAball - He helps me with Russia-icon bully, but now has a manchild monkey president. However, the universal values that humanity is now pursuing are no longer in the United States. ACCEPT IMMIGRANTS YUO RACIST!!! ReichTimeOr else...Merkelreich-icon
  • African Union-icon African Unionball - He is like me (in one way), he is my African friend. Sometimes we talk stuff about being supranational unionballs.
  • OAS-icon OASball - My friend from the Americas. He is older than me. I learned many things with him BECAUSE HE IS OF IRRELEVANT
  • ASEAN-icon ASEANball - My fan who lives in South East Asia. I'll train you to become just as wealthy, liberal and multicultural as me! He has a meaningful life, unlike mine. We also both have a Hungary-icon Racist Vodka Puppet Myanmar-icon.
  • Japan-icon Japanball - Axis reform buddy! His liberal anime is so kawaiidesumoe, and more importantly friends against Russia-icon Russiaball and his China-icon ally. He also contributes to reconstruct the Balkans, just as I contribute to maintain peace in Asia as a return. We can now into trade deal!
  • UN-icon UNball - Fellow idealist who wishes a world in peace.
  • NATO-icon NATOball - My best friend. Our military arm against caviar, led by our main protector USA-icon USAball.
  • Morocco-icon Moroccoball- Best African Friend, trades with moi and supports moi on a lot of things.
  • Arab Maghreb Union-icon Arab Maghreb Unionball - Cool, but very inactive he sleeps very happy.
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - we may help him against the Trump's tyranny. We have trade deal since 2000, and just modernized it. TAKE THAT, DONALD!
  • Maldives-icon Maldivesball - We will help you prevent global warming. You're welcome I can into Paris Climate Agreement. Sorry for sanctioning you.


  • Australia-icon Australiaball - How can yuo into Eurovision? We're on the opposite sides of the world, and he's not even European...but we have good relationship. Wait a second, he's a continent himself. I guess he can do what he wants. He's also hosting the first edition of an Asian Eurovision Contest.
  • China-icon Chinaball - My biggest trading partner in Asia, who doesn't understand the principle of liberalism and freedom. So please, BRING BAIDU, YOUKU, SINA WEIBO, QZONE, ALIBABA, TOUTIAO, AND TENCENT TO THE INTERNET IN THE EU! BECAUSE, ARTICLE 17 STRONK! Merkelreich-icon Or else... Merkelreich-icon
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - Gib Crimea-icon Crimeaball back to Ukraine-icon Ukraineball, please? And stop calling me "Sissies Club" yuo UNTERMENSCH BULLY!!! But some of my Bulgaria-icon Croatia-icon Czech-icon Poland-icon Slovakia-icon Slovenia-icon members are Panslavic-icon Slavs and you are a friend of China-icon Chinaball so we are cool , rarely.
  • Greece-icon Greeceball - Stop whining and pay debt plox....... or else I will kick you out! For mein vater!
  • Algeria-icon Algeriaball - He maybe hates me because France-icon France but i helped him in His Civil war so we are Okay, He can also into Trade Partner Too!
  • HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball - A failed attempt to unite Europe under violence.
  • Hungary-icon Hungaryball - Please don't be racist and allow the entrance of immigrants. JUST DO IT. Oh wait you don't have terrorists. I guess you are right but you have to TAKE IN A FEW!!!! Article 7 stronk!! Start using Euro, plox.
  • India-icon Indiaball - We have been bittersweet but Modi is the best! Unlike that stupid Trump. Will be a great slave ally and he is allies with stupid Vodka.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube - Sorry for grandpa's actions, take some euromonies. Also, félicitations for of winnings Eurovision 2018!
  • Norway-icon Norwayball - Why won't you love me? We share common interests, and we are both for the promotion of peace and love.. so why? I will sell Swedenball clay if join?
  • Bosnia-icon Macedonia-icon Montenegro-icon Kosovo-icon Serbia-icon Remaining Balkan Countries - Make peace, no war. Learn to forgive each other, and I might accept you.
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - You can into peace, rich and developed BUT WHY WON'T YOU JOIN ME???? If you don't let my people into your country we will block you and since you're an island of us you won't be able to export your chocolate or import our gold! YUO WON'T BE MY HOLE FOREVER
  • Turkey-icon Turkeyball - Turkey can in EU, Turkey can in EU soon. Just keep some more refugees first. Yuo never kann into mich .
  • UK-icon UKball - Why are you leaving the EU? At least we are friends. Yuo will never come back. But...WE ARE THE SAME!!

Enemies / Frequent Opponents

  • UK-icon ALL OF THE UK (except Wales Scotland and Norn Iron) - VERRÄTER! TRAITOR! Yuo were our closest friend, and we entrusted yuo to be our economic capital, and this is how yuo repay us?! FUCK YUO! If yuo said yuo wanted to leave and wallow in yuor cultural ignorance then GET OUT YUO UNENLIGHTENED RETARDED PIECES OF SCHEISSE!!! Please, stay with us. We need each other, we need yuo for a stable Europe. Oh wait. Yuor trying to stay? Yes! Wot? Yuo is trying to stop yuo? DANG IT!
  • Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball - You know, I was made to compete with you, so I actually should thank you.
  • Eurasian Union-icon Eurasian Unionball - Russia's wannabe version of mich and second incarnation of Soviet-icon Soviet Unionball but yuo'll never into like mich. REMOVE VODKA!!! START TAKING REFUGEES AND IMPROVE DIVERSITY YUO UNTERMENSCH RACIST!!! YUO WILL NEVER BE LIKE GLORIOUS MERKELREICH EU!!! But teach me how to remove kebab plox?
  • Basque-icon Basqueball - Same story as Catalan Republic-icon Ungrateful kleinscheisse Catalan Republicball. REMOVE ASKATASUNA!!! YUO ARE NOT OF 6-icon 6BALL, YUO ARE OF SPANIEN AND DAS IST DIE END OF IT!!! SHUT UP ABOUT INDEPENDENCE AND LIVE WITH IT!!! I HATE YUO SO MUCH I WILL OF ANSCHLUSS YUO!!!
  • Montenegro-icon Montenegroball - Euro thief!! Leave Eurozone please. Eurozone Is Only for EU Members
  • Kosovo-icon Kosovoball - Same that Montenegro. I won't recognise you if you still do that!
  • Sentinelese-icon Sentineleseball - This Xenophobic asshole hates people who come to his island, he should take refugees and improve diversity, pile of naive racists!
  • ISIS-icon ISISball - I don't understand, why do you kill innocent people? What the hell goes on in your mind? For gods' sake I helped build your mosques and protected your rights!
  • Belarus-icon Belarusball - Why did you chose for Russia-icon Russia?
  • Kazakhstan-icon Kazakhbrick, Kyrgyz-icon Kyrgyzstanball, Tajik-icon Tajikistanball AND Uzbek-icon Uzbekistanball - Why must you stans chose that stupid Russia-icon Vodka?
    • Kazakh-icon, Kyrgyz-icon, Tajik-icon, and Uzbek-icon - because we are Asian/Turk. You guys also never let Turkeyball Turkey-icon into EU so we’re also not going to join EU too.
  • Bolivia-icon Boliviaball, Cuba-icon Cubaball, Nicaragua-icon Nicaraguaball and Venezuela-icon Venezuelaball - Worst Countries in the Americas, they side with Russia-icon Vodka and China-icon Dim Sum
  • North Korea-icon North Koreaball, Syria-icon Syriaball, Sudan-icon Sudanball, Burundi-icon Burundiball, and Zimbabwe-icon Zimbabweball - More Russia-icon Vodka Puppets
  • UK-icon Theresa May - Stupid British prime minister. Give UKball brexit do over!
  • Myanmar-icon Myanmarball - One of the Russia-icon vodka puppets!!!! And you have Meme-icon meme!!!!! I'll slap you by article 13!!!!! HAHA!!!!!!
  • Facebook-icon Faceblock - REMOVE MEMES AND STOP BANNING Poland-icon ONE OF MY MEMBERS!!! Merkelreich-icon Or else... Merkelreich-icon





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