East Javaball is a province of Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball. He is located in the eastern part of Java with his clay bordering with Central Java-icon Central Javaball and Bali-icon Baliball. He also has a big island in his clay called Madura and his capital, Surabayaball, connects the island with him.

He is the 2nd most populous clay of Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball with a population over 38.85 million+ in 2015. He also wants to steal West Java-icon West Javaball's people.

East Javaball is also the clay of Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball where his 1st president, Sukarno, is born.


East Javaball was born as a 1-icon 1ball. His clay was later claimed by Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball, with kingdoms in his clay like Kediriball, Majapahit-icon Majapahitball and Singhasari-icon Singhasariball. His kingdoms later died and soon he became a state and later a province of Indonesia-icon Indonesiaball.


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