Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greeceball or simply Eastern Continental Greeceball was a provisional regime that existed within modern-day eastern Central Greeceball. This regime was formed during the Greek War of Independence in an effort to defend against Ottomanball troops and maintain the independence of what would later be Greeceball.

The War of Independence

During the war of independence against Ottomanball, the Greeks were organized into many different groups and regiments, possessing know centralized administration to speak of (causing a lot of rebelliousness and infighting based upon various family/clan interests). And so, the Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greeceball was formed, based in the then provisional capital of Amfissaball. 

However, their position was not secure as Ottomanball had recently defeated the Greeks at the Battle of Allamana, thus killing the commander in chief and threatening the Areopagus. However, the Greeks managed to decisively defeat the Turks at a local inn, thus forcing the Turks to retreat and giving Eastern Continental Greeceball a chance to regroup and replace their Commander in Chief.

When Ottomanball had returned, the Turks had begun to attack Boeotia and sacked the city of Livadia, waiting to further their offensive into Peloponneseball in order to address the troops led by Maniball. However, they were again decisively defeated by Eastern Continental Greeceball in the Battle of Vassiliki, which managed to route the 8,000 strong Ottoman force. This resulted in the securing of Eastern Continental Greeceball and Maniball from any further attacks from Ottomanball.

Dissolution and Continuing influence

Through the defeat of Ottomanball in Vassiliki, the Eastern Continental Greeceball (along with the rest of the Greek rebels) were able to start forming some remnants of political organization. A meeting took place in the capital of Amfissa which saw Eastern Continental Greeceball turn from an Aeropagus into a "Legal Order", seeing 71 representatives from all across Thessalyball and West Macedoniaball (where the uprisings would soon be suppressed).

Eastern Continental Greeceball would, later on, be absorbed by First Hellenic Republicball in 1822. However, it would have lasting influences throughout the duration of the Greek War of Independence as the cabinet still existed within the government and possessed immense political sway (especially when acting as a combatant within the various infightings and Civil wars the Greeks endured). Despite these civil wars, they united yet again once the Egypt Eyaletball joined the war.


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