Edmontonball is the capital cityball of Alberta-icon.png Albertaball in Canada-icon.png Canadaball. He can into North America's northernmost metropolitan area, and is an important service hub for Canada-icon.png Canadaball's crude oil.


Edmontonball was founded in 1754 by UK-icon.png British Empireball and adopted by Ontario-icon.png British Canadaball and Canada-icon.png Canadaball.

It is well known for having the West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping center in Canadaball (also one of the biggest in the world), and top-ranked sports teams like the Oilers and the Eskimos. Its main rival is Calgaryball, but also has friendly sports rivalries with Vancouverball, Reginaball, Winnipegball, Torontoball, Hamiltonball, Ottawaball and Montrealball.

Although very rich in oil and hard working, countryballs often tease him about being Detroitball in hockey.

He can with Torontoball into hosting the Stanley Cup 2020.

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