Elisabethpol Governorateball was a governorate of RussianEmpire-icon Russian Empireball, created after Russian Empireball won Caucasian clay from Persiaball. His clay included much of what is now Azerbaijanball, Nagorno-Karabakhball, and parts of eastern Armeniaball and southern Georgiaball.


In 1828, Russian Empireball defeated Persiaball and took clay from him. Eventually Russian Empireball decided to make Baku Governorateball and Tiflis Governorateball official governorates in the empire. Later on though it seemed they had too much clay, so he created an extra governorateball, Elisabethpolball Governorateball, out of their clay in 1868, and making Elisabethpolball the capitalball (today Ganjaball), also changing some of his cityball names into Russian.

Elisabethpolball was home to many ethnicities, including Armeniaballs and Azeri Tatarballs, who mostly got along until Russian Empireball collapsed in 1917 and Transcaucasiaball took over for a few months. After he fell apart, DR Azerbaijanball was created and was into independence for a few years.

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