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Emirate of Granadaball was a Islam-icon.png Caliphateball's kingdomball in Spain-icon.png Spainball that was conquered during Reconquista.


Nasrid Kingdom of Granadaball, also known as the Emirate of Granadaball or Sultanate of Granadaball, was a Muslim state located in the south of the Iberian peninsula, with capital in the city of Granadaball, that existed during the Middle Ages.

He was born in 1238 but originally had his power center at Jaenball. A few years later he moved his court to Granada, around which he organized his new state.

The kingdom survived in this precarious situation thanks to its favorable geographic location, both for the defense of the territory and for the maintenance of the commerce with the peninsular Christian kingdoms, with the Muslims of the Maghreb and with Genovaball through the Mediterranean, which caused that it had a diversified economy. Nevertheless, it gradually lost territories to the Kingdom of Castilleball, until its definitive disappearance after the War of Granada, maintained between 1482 and 1492.