The Empire of Atlantiumball is a micronation and secular, pluralist progressive lobby group based in Australiaball.


Atlantiumball was established in 1981 by three teenagers – George Francis Cruickshank, Geoffrey John Duggan and Claire Marie Coulter (née Duggan). The three claimed a 10 square meters (110 sq ft) Provisional Territory in the southern suburb of Narwee as Atlantiumball's first capital, and declared Cruickshank to be Sovereign Head of State, with the title "Emperor George II". Geoffrey Duggan (1982–1986) was elected as prime minister. Damian Scott (1986–1988), and Kevin Fanucchi (1988–1990) also served as prime ministers, but by 1990, when the original group members had graduated from university and moved to different locations, the group ceased to be active.

In 1999 Cruickshank purchased an apartment in the inner Sydney suburb of Potts Point, and soon after revived Atlantiumball, launching a website, which was instrumental in attracting new members. The 61 square meters (660 sq ft) apartment, known as the Imperium Proper, became the second capital of Atlantiumball. Concordia became the third capital of Atlantiumball on 12 January 2008, when the rural 0.76 square kilometers (0.29 sq mi) Province of Aurora, approximately 350 kilometers (220 mi) southwest of Sydney, was created. The Atlantiumball website describes Aurora as Atlantium's "global administrative capital, ceremonial focal point, and spiritual homeland".

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