Just walking on crops and... crapping on crops and... crapping on walks and... cropping on craps and... crapping on docks and... captain on the rocks. You get the idea.
— Sam O'Nella
If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds it would face any army in the world
— Major G. P. W. Meredith

Emus are a species of bird native to Australia. In the Polandball comics, Emus sometimes make appearances as a subject of the Emu War or upon the mention of dangerous animals. They don't kill anyone and are very peaceful animals BUT they are very hostile to AustraliaballEmus are aussie worst nightmare.

He attacc | He protecc | But most importantly, he pecc.

Despite Emus' hostility to Australiaball, the Emu (along with the Kangaroo) are both in the Australian coat of arms.



  • 🐇 Rabbits - They helped the Emus win the Emu war. And frankly they like pissing off Australians as much as Emu's do, Thanks.
  • Ostriches - Emu's cousin. They have the same effect as me. They attack but do not damage the crops
  • Cassowary - The Emu's more dangerous brother. Responsible for killing more Australians than the Emu. And yet...he hates me more
  • Kangaroo - Emu's best mate. They are seen together in the Australian Coat of Arms.
  • East Timor-icon East Timorball - He hates Australia for stealing his gas and oli, Anyone who hates Australia is my Friend
  • Austria-icon Austriaball - He hates Australia for stealing his name, Anyone who hates Australia is my Friend


  • Dingos - Emu's worst enemy. They tried to kill many Emus:( Thankfully, they usually fail.).
  • Australia-icon Australiaball- i just want food..but then you try to kill me.. you think I am a pest??? I AM A SPECiES OF MY OWN KIND.. REMOVE KANGAROO AND KEEP EMU!!! GLORY TO EMUS!!!!


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Pretty much what the Emu Kingdom did to become winners, With AustraliaBall being a Loser.

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