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— Englandball
You is of aristocrat!
— Japan about England
— Englandball

Englandball is one of the four entities of UK-icon.png UKball (if you include Northern Irelandball) and also it's the main part. It is usually mischanged with this latter. It is more populated and richer than Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball and Wales-icon.png Walesball.

He is a part of the island (which is technically an archipelago due to islands like Orkney) of Great Britain (which composes of Englandball, Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball, and Wales-icon.png Walesball) as well as the old Roman territory of Britannia or Britain as the landmass is (though most don't know and think that Britain and Great Britain are the same) called (composing of Englandball and Wales-icon.png Walesball). Great Britain/Britain is by some mistaken countries (in particular USA-icon.png Americaball, who doesn't even know the difference between Great Britain, Englandball and UKball) though this isn't true so Great Britainball and Britainball are geographical locationballs (like Siberiaball). He is also in a little known and generically named legal union called England and Wales, which is composed of (surprise surprise) England-icon.png Englandball and Wales-icon.png Walesball.

Englandball has been the long-suffering neighbor of Scotland-icon.png ScotlandballIreland-icon.png Irelandball, and France-icon.png Franceball while Wales-icon.png Walesball is his plaything for when he gets tired of playing with others.

While Scotland-icon.png Scottish independence is dying, the independence movement in England-icon.png England is rising due to his frustration of lacking a parliament. In reality, he would rather stay in UK-icon.png UKball but very much wants a parliament.

Like how Scotland has William Wallace, England also has his own Celtic hero named Boudicca.


Before 927, England wasn't a united entity but instead a mix of different Anglo and Saxon petty kingdoms. After 866 there was a period of Denmark-icon.png Danish vassalization called Danelaw. In 1066, Duchy of Normandyball conquered the Kingdom of England-icon.png Kingdom of Englandball and installed a new leader.

England got involved in the religious wars between the Protestants and the Catholics. In 1547, Henry VIII passed away which eventually lead to Bloody Mary come on the throne. She slaughtered protestants. This made the people unhappy and Elizabeth I came to the throne where she killed a few Catholics because they were causing problems. She had a few wars against Spanish Empireball. In those wars, Spain's armada was destroyed by a heavy storm but then she launched her own armada which also failed. She executed mary, queen of scots in 1587 which made Spanish Empireball even more unhappy. Then, she founded the East India company in 1600, just before she died in 1603. As she never married and had no biological children, she left the throne to the king of Scotland, James, who became James VI of Scotland and James I of England. In the following years, England secures his grip on North America, which would lead to future conflicts with rival empires.

The moment when England became a region is in 1707, with the Acts of Union, where Kingdom of Scotland-icon.png Kingdom of Scotlandball and Kingdom of England-icon.png Kingdom of Englandball joined into UK-icon.png UKball, signed by Queen Anne.

During the Brexit referendum, many people in him and Wales didn't really know what the EU was and were lied to about the effects of leaving it. While Scotland and Northern Ireland knew more about what the EU was and were safe from these lies, poor England and Wales fell for them. Both then regretted it after doing research but now that the EU is going to ruin the internet, all four of them are contemplating leaving. That is at least until this is sorted out.




  • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - Teacup!! My Darling! I love you! We've been very close since 1386! We've never been to war against each other, actually, she has always been by my side in all wars! I protected her from France-icon.png Idiot French in the Napoleonic Era. You'll always be my best friend and wife!
  • Wales-icon.png Walesball - My Brother but we're both Romans in Britain.
  • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball and Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - 7-1 Friends
  • Italy-icon.png Italyball - He's friends with UK so it's obvious we were going to be friends too. BUT HE BEAT ME IN THE EURO FINAL ON PENALTIES AT WEMBLEY! NEVER FORGET! REMOVE DONNARUMMA!!!
  • Denmark-icon.png Norway-icon.png Sweden-icon.png Nordic Bros - Best friends now BUT I'LL NEVER FORGET THE VIKINGS!!!


  • UK-icon.png UKball - Why no good bloody parliament thief! Give me my independence! Or just a parliament and I'll be fine... but i'm English.
  • Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball - Brother. Why don't I get a parliament like you? Also, stop your separatism. (then we can be friends)
  • Northern Ireland-icon.png Northern Irelandball - My youngest brother(?), he is so retarded only dad and his brother can understand him. Also, stop with your "fleg" crap! You will never get a flag, and you will never unite with your brother, as we are the UNITED Kingdom, not the DIVIDED Kingdom!
  • Ireland-icon.png Irelandball - Thinks starving him was my intention. Relies on me very much though.
  • Spain-icon.png Spainball - 1588 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE, YOUR ARMADA SUCKS. Now instead of being rivals as empires, she is my enemy on soccer football. But now we kind of get along. I think she and dad are together.
  • France-icon.png Franceball - STOP INSULTING ME. But we were allies in WW2 so we are okay.
  • Lost Colony-icon.png Roanoke Colonyball - My long lost son, no one knows where he is, and if he's even alive. If I only could go back in time to save you...
  • EU-icon.png EUball - Look I can't stay with you if you put in these upload filter laws,(afæran) I first regretted Brexit but now that your doing this I just can't be a part of you for now. I'll return when you repeal this law but for now, I must leave. I hope you can survive that law.
  • Georgia-icon.png Georgiaball - Look man we're completely different flags and yours is a red cross. So despite that, I support you against Vodka.


  • Sealand-icon.png Sealandball - YOU DON'T HAVE ANY LAND, IT TAKES A FEW HELICOPTERS AND BOATS JUST TO “INVADE” YOU! But don’t tell anyone that I recognize you, it will be embarrassing if you will.
  • New England-icon.png New Englandball - Name stealer. Even though I was the one that named you.
  • Georgia-icon.png Flag stealer
  • Genoa-icon.png Flag Stealer 2
  • Hungary-icon.png This european country knocked out by 7-1 - REMOVE, 1954 NEVER FORGET!!!
  • Iceland-icon.png Icelandball - NEVER FORGET 2-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LEAST YOU GOT DEFEATED BY FRANCE 5-2!!! HAHAHAHA!!! AND GIVE ME MY FISH BACK YOU BLOODY FOOL!!!

How to draw

Draw Englandball is very simple:

  1. Draw the basic circle shape
  2. Draw a red cross
  3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.
  4. Optional: bowler hat, umbrella, monocle


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