Erebuniball is an ancient cityball that was built by Urartuball . He now became a disrictball of Yerevanball which is the capital of Armeniaball . He even has his own birth certificate (but it's made of stone and was encarved with cueniform).


Erebuniball was built in 782 BC by his father Urartuball . He was created to serve as fort and citadel against Scythiansball attacks from the North Caucasus. His friend Teishebainiball was killed by Scythiansball and Medesball. Urartuball was very proud in Erebuniball, and built a lot of irragation canals and artificial resovoirs, many of which still work to this day.

Erebuniball lost a lot of his land through history, but after the sovietization of Armeniaball, he expanded his territory to include his ancient territories. 60 families were able to return him, all of them were survivors of the Armenian Genocide, but many Armenballs were able to return to their homeland. The Neighbourhoodballs of Nor Butaniyaball and Nor Areshball were formed. Sovietball renamed Erebuniball to Molotovball then to Leninball and then to Ordzhonikidzeball. Many Armeniaballs from Greeceball, Syriaball, Lebanonball, Franceball, Bulgariaball, and Egyptball were returning in the 50s and 60s. In 1965 he absorbed 2 villageballs, Mushavanball and Verin Jrashenball.

In 1991, when Armeniaball retained his independence from Sovietball, Armeniaball gave back Erebuniball's original territory since he was divided into a few raionballs and turned into a districtball of Yerevanball. Erebuniball got his original name back because Armeniaball was very tired of Sovietball's shitty ideology that ruined everything for Armeniaball.

He is majority Armenian, although he did have a small minority of Azerballs that existed before the Artsakh Liberation War.

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