Espírito Santoball is a state of costal Brazilball. His name means "Holy Spirit" in Portuguese.

Espírito Santo likes doves, seafood, fruits and much more. But sometimes he gets angry with other Brazilian stateballs because they call him irrelevant.


Espírito Santoball was inhabited by 3balls before Kingdom of Portugalball discovered him. He was multiple municipalities until be was born in 1821 as a provinceball of Brazilian Empireball. In 1889 after Brazil-icon Brazilball became a republic, Espírito Santoball became a stateball.



  • São Paulo-icon São Pauloball: We are good friends and he seems to care about me.
  • Acre-icon Acreball: Another irrelevant friend. I may be considered irrelevant but at least people know that I exist, unlike you! BTW, I'm not "Southwest Acre" like other states say.
  • Italy-icon Italyball: I have a lot of Italian ancestry.


  • Minas Gerais-icon Minas Geraisball: My annoying Brother...You will never get access to Minhas Praias! However, in my eyes, you consider me relevant, and we suffered a disaster some years ago, so I still like you a little.



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