T h e y N e v e r G o t E t h i o p i a
— bill wurtz

Ethiopiaball​​, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiaball, formerly known as Abyssiniaball, is a landlocked countryball within in the Horn of Africa. He is bordered by Eritrea-icon Eritreaball and Djibouti-icon Djiboutiball to the North, Kenya-icon Kenyaball to the South, Somalia-icon Somaliaball to the East, and Sudan-icon Sudanball and South Sudan-icon South Sudanball to the West. The country is divided into 9 regions, and two Administrative Cities being his capital Addis Ababa-icon Addis Abababall and Dire Dawa-icon Dire Dawaball, giving him a total area of 426,400 square miles, making him the 26th largest country in the world. As of 2019, he maintains a population of 107.5 million inhabitants, the most populated landlocked countryball in the World, as well as the second-most populous nation on the African continent after Nigeria-icon Nigeriaball.

He came from a very long history as is considered one of the oldest living countryballs. He was a site of the oldest evidence of Caveballs. Tracing its roots to the 2nd millennium BC, Ethiopia was a monarchy for most of its history. During the first centuries AD the Kingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of Aksumball, followed by Zagwe-icon Zagweball, and Abyssinia-icon Abyssiniaball. In the 19th and 20th centuries, he was the only country in Africa to resist European colonial power along with Liberia-icon Liberiaball(although Liberia was colonized, just by the USA-icon Americans) except an invasion by Italian-Empire-icon Kingdom of Italyball during WW2

Currently, Ethiopiaball is very poor (But eradicating Starvation). He has undergone a series of famines, no money, no peace and lives mostly on dry clay. Slowly, however, the country began to recover, and now the Ethiopian economy is one of the fastest-growing in Africa. In some Polandball comics, Ethiopiaball is depicted to be peanut-shaped instead of circular-shaped. This is a reference to his famine, poverty, and for that reason, why he is "thin". But this could change in the next years, the country starting to show signs of recovery of the bad years, In approximately 10-15 years, Ethiopia will become very rich and and maybe until 2050 a very DEVELOPED country (And even can into Obesity and Diabeetus). actually he cants into starvation anymore.

His national day is June 4th.


Ethiopia-icon Ethiopiaball is a descendant of 8-icon 8balls , 4-icon 4ball and Semitic-speaking 2-icon 2balls.

Some of the oldest evidence for modern caveballs are found in his clay which is widely considered the region from which caveballs set out for the Middle East and points beyond. Ethiopiaball likes to say to everyone that he is the "the beginning of everything".

He was a monarchy for most of its history. During the first centuries of the Common Era, the Kingdom of Aksum-icon Kingdom of Aksumball (c.100-c.940) maintained a unified civilization in the region and is an early site of Christianity, followed by Zagwe-icon Zagweball.

He, as Abyssinia-icon Ethiopian Empireball became known to the world as Abyssiniaball from the 1700s onwards. He is very respected by the countryballs of Africa because he kicked Italian-Empire-icon Italyball in attempt to colonize him in 1896.

In 1935, Italyball came back, and succeeded in "civilizing" him this time, but only for 6 years, before UK-icon UKball helped Ethiopiaball kick him out in 1941. His colours became the Pan-African colours, which subsequently, many newly born African countryballs adapted.

In 1974, his empire was replaced with Derg-icon Dergball (backed by Soviet-icon Sovietball), and in 1987, Dergball was replaced with the PDR Ethiopia-icon PDR Ethiopiaball, a communist countryball. After 1991, he was put into a transitional government until 1995 when the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiaball was founded. Unfortunately, Ethiopia was starving, and living in poverty, but now started to recover from the bad times. Ethiopia is now one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

On July 9, 2018, his Prime Minister and Eritrea-icon Eritreaball's president restored diplomatic relations by finalizing their border, officially ending their border conflict.

Flag Colors

Main Colors

North Texas Green 7, 137, 48 C95-M0-Y65-K46 #078930
Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09
Lava 218, 18, 26 C0-M92-Y88-K15 #DA121A

Emblem Colors

Cobalt Blue 15, 71, 175 C91-M59-Y0-K31 #0F47AF
Yellow (Pantone) 252, 221, 9 C0-M12-Y96-K1 #FCDD09


  • Italy-icon Italyball - I am thousands of years older than you. You know who I am? I am the beginning of everything!!! I even know your father SPQR-icon SPQRball!!! I'm not your son, fuck you! AND YOU INVADED ME ON WW2! FUCK MUSSOLINI!!! YOU NEVER COLONIZED ME AND NEVER WILL!!!!! We get along today surprisingly, and he is of recognizing usage of gas attacks now and Italy is also among the top 5 trading partners with Ethiopia and a major investor in the Ethiopian economy. Okay okay. I'll accept that I'm your son, now!  
  • Somalia-icon Somaliaball - Pirate brother. Is of needing to calm down. Frenemy. Also you should give Somaliland-icon Somalilandball independence and try to recognize him ok? I really do not have the time to have war with you now my economy is growing rapidly, so please stop making threats! JUST CALM DOWN
  • USA-icon USAball - Friends. This young guy sends me aid/food occasionally. He also helped me in my times that I had split-personality disorder. He is kind-hearted... I guess.
  • UK-icon UKball - Friends. He sends me food/aid occasionally. I see many balls calling him old, but compared to me he is a toddler; I have a millennium of ages. He also helped me to kick out Italy-icon Italyball in 1941. Coffee is still better than tea though.
  • India-icon Indiaball - Another friend. I love his stuff and his country. More Bollywood movies, plox! Also, he hates my pirate brother.
  • Eritrea-icon Eritreaball - (Formely)ኤርትራ አንድ ደደብ ዝንጀሮ ነው!!! አንጎልህ ቆሻሻው ያነሰ ነው!! ጣሊያናዊ አሻንጉሊት አሳማ ዶግ!! ሁለቱን ድርጅቶች መዋሐድ!!! Scary psychotic mentally disturbed son. Best left alone. Also, worst enemy and now I have no coast. AIRSTRIKE!!! ኤርትራ ወደ ሞት!!!!!!!!! (Now) Now we are getting along much better and is my best brother but I still miss my coast.... :(....
  • Djibouti-icon Djiboutiball - Meh. Cousin, I guess. He is my only nice neighbor in the horn of Africa (unless you consider Kenya as a part of the Horn), and is of letting me use his coasts. I guess he feels bad for me or something?
  • Southern Red Seaball - You're Mine!
  • Egypt-icon Egyptball - LET ME OF USING RIVERS! We are good outside of that though, we both love our history. I CANNOT SUFFER IN THIRST ANYMORE!!!!!!! WHY DOES TRUMP SUPPORT YOU????
  • Bolivia-icon Boliviaball Has a similar flag, size, and United Nations Charter date like me, also landlocked. We support each other.
  • Germany-icon Germanyball - Biggest trade partner by far.
  • Finland-icon Finlandball - gives aid and water
  • Liberia-icon Liberiaball: My best friend. WE'RE NOT COLONIZED BY EUROPE'S FUCK YEAH!!!!
  • China-icon Chinaball - We have a lot in common with our history and he is helping me modernize today. In return. I refuse to recognize Taiwan-icon Taiwanball
  • UN-icon UNball - I helped create you, plox gib aid!
  • Kenya-icon Kenyaball - One of my only nice neighbors... also we both love to run!
  • Somaliland-icon Somalilandball - He is a great friend, I hope I will recognize him very soon! My soon to be baby cousin. If only if Somalia was more accepting!!
  • Netherlands-icon Netherlandsball - Big trade partner.!
  • Switzerland-icon Switzerlandball - Another trade partner.
  • Cuba-icon Cubaball - Love hate relationship. He supported a communist coup and supported dictatorship... but at the same time supported me in Ogaden war and Eritrean war.
  • Ghana-icon Ghanaball - Fellow Pan Africanist ( WE FOUNDED THE AFRICA UNION SUCKERS European suckers!!!!!!!)who started trend of using my flag in independence movements. We are the founders of African Union-icon African Unionball.
  • Mexico-icon Mexicoball - Strongly condemned Italian occupation of me, thank you!
  • New Zealand-icon New Zealandball, Soviet-icon Sovietball, Taiwan-icon Republic of Chinaball, and Second Spanish Republic-icon Second Spanish Republicball - They all condemned Italy along with aforementioned USA-icon USAball and Mexico-icon Mexicoball.
  • Thomas Sankara-icon Thomas Sankara - Pan Africanist and anti-colonialist.
  • Jamaica-icon Jamaicaball - He thinks I am god, it's weird and creepy but he seems nice and sweet.
  • Gaddafi Libya-icon Gaddafiball - Pan Africanist who I will forever respect and remember... but I'm not keen on how he supported my communist regime... He also likes Somalia and does not consider Somalialand independent so I do not know what's up with him. Also sort of evil.
  • Sudan-icon Sudanball - We've had many border conflicts in the past, and he even killed one of my kings, but we are still trade partners.
  • Congo-icon Zimbabwe-icon Mali-icon Guinea-icon Guinea-Bissau-icon Cameroon-icon Togo-icon Benin-icon Burkina Faso-icon Senegal-icon Ghana-icon Mozambique-icon Mauritania-icon São Tomé and Príncipe-icon South Sudan-icon Kitts-icon Libya-icon Congoball, Zimbabweball, Maliball, Guineaball, Guinea-Bissauball, Cameroonball, Togoball, Beninball Burkina Fasoball Senegalball Ghanaball Mozambiqueball, Mauritaniaball São Tomé and Príncipeball South Sudanball Saint Kitts and Nevisball and Libyaball - all can into the trend of using my flag colors. I like some of them more than I like the others though...
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball, Iran-icon Iranball, Afghan-icon Afghanistanball, North Yemen-icon North Yemenball, Liberia-icon Liberiaball, Japan-icon Japanball, Mongolia-icon Mongoliaball, Tonga-icon Tongaball, Thailand-icon Thailandball, Bhutan-icon. Bhutanball, South Korea-iconNorth Korea-icon Koreaball, Sentinelese-icon North Sentinel Islandball, and Nepal-icon Nepalrawr - We were all not colonized by Europe.
  • Saudi Arabia-icon Saudi Arabiaball- I accepted his relgion early on and we are also trading partners but I beg you to stop calling em Kafir! You are of real Kafir! You are racist to basially everyone except USA-icon Customers. If you and Iran goes to war, I will support Iran, but unlike you racist wahabi pig, I do not naturally hate you unlike everyone else in the arab league. My Muslim Imagrents need a home so they will be moving to other places like UAE-icon Nice arabs and not racists!
  • Russia-icon Russiaball - I don't know, he is good friends with Eritrea-icon Eritreaball and supported my communist side but he still wants to cooperate with me and we are both Orthodox. He also supported me in first war with Italy.
  • Israel-icon Israelcube  - jew friend. But i demand you to stop harassing my jews and protester... I have your ark.
  • Kuwait-icon Kuwaitball - PLEASE STOP BLAMING ME!!!
  • Taiwan-icon Taiwanball - Anti tedros and a racist! How dare you mess with the UN. YOU WILL PAY.
  • South Sudan-icon South Sudanball- You are part of Sudan clay. DEAL WITH IT!!! Actually I am about to recognize you. But you seem suffering and Sudan is going to kill me for this.


  • Addis Ababa-icon Addis Ababa - Joy of my life :) and capital city. He loves Adidas (like Russia-icon Russia!)
  • Afar-icon Afar - Kebab son, I like him when he isn't seperatist. Once was stolen from me by Adal-icon Adal, he make him kebab.
  • Amhara-icon Amhara - Son, I use his language
  • Benishangul-Gumuz-icon Beninshangul-Gumuz - Son with two personalities, one being Benishangul and the other being Gumuz.
  • Dire Dawa-icon Dire Dawa - Son, but I don't love you as much as I love Addis
  • Gambela-icon Gambela - Tribal son, settle down plox
  • Harari-icon Harari - Daughter. Religious Kebab I colonized in the 1800's. Turkey-icon Ottoman guy  and File:Saudi-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball had made her a kebab with some yodeling Muslim stories. I think he is her inspiration I guess? Whatever, but you better not become a kebab sepratist!
  • Oromia-icon Oromia - Angry son. He is the my oldest and he can into protest so I make him PM.
  • Somali-icon (Ethiopia) Somaliball (Ogaden) - Son, I rightfully conquested you, stop trying to join pirate kebab!
  • Southern Nations-icon SNNPR (Southern "Nations, Nationalities", and People's Region) - Daughter with stupid name and cool flag
  • Tigray-icon Tigray - Son who is always bullying my other children (especially Oromia). Now he is behaving (also stop speaking Eritrea's language)

Famous Ethiopians

  • Haile Selassie

    - Last emperor of Ethiopia and descedant of King Solomon. He ruled during WW2 and most of the Cold War until a communist takeover. Rastafarians believe he is the resurrected version of Jesus Christ.




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