Fengtian Cliqueball was a warlord faction in the Warlord Era. He was named by Fengtianball, which is now China-icon Liaoningball. It's clay is located in the thre north-east Provinceballs of China-icon Chinaball, which made up Manchuriaball. He was lead by Zhang Zuolin. He was supported by Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese Empireball. In the year 1920 until 1921 he controlled Beijing-iconBeijingball with Zhili Cliqueball. However tension raised between those two Cliqueballs, which caused the crash of the controll over Beijing-icon Beijingball, the First Zhili–Fengtian War and the Second Zhili–Fengtian War. During the Northern Expedition, Fentian Cliqueball is retreating north. But his Japanese Sponosrs blew up his train and with that he is dead. After the assasination, his son Zhang Xueliang, but he surrendered at the Nanjingball 's goverment.

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