The First Republic of Armeniaball was a short-lived countryball, created when Armeniaball was finally into being independent from Russian Empireball and Ottomanball, in 1918. Was his first independence since Bagratid Armeniaball died in 1045, not counting the reign of his uncle Cilicaball. Modern Armeniaball is technically the third republic (after Armenian SSRball), and direct successor to the first one.


In 1918 Russian Empireball was out of World War One and dead. Transcaucasiaball came into existence for a few months, but because of his severe split-personality disorder, he killed himself. Thus Armeniaball was of independent, as was Azerbaijanball (for the first time) and Georgiaball; but on his own against Ottomanball, who was still into genociding him. Ottomanball tried to invade and anschluss Armeniaball's clay and complete his genocide to create Turanball, managing to take Alexandropolball, but Armeniaball defeated him at the Battle of Sardarapat, removing kebab from the premises.

Armeniaball then did battle with Azerbaijanball and Georgiaball over custody of Artsakhball, Loriball and Javakhball. These battles never had a clear victory.

In 1920, Sovietball rose up and anschlussed all countries in the Caucasus. Armeniaball was powerless against him and was turned into Armenian SSRball, although a bit of his clay named Republic of Mountainous Armeniaball resisted until 1921. Treaty of Sevres was supposed to be giving Armeniaball his old clay back, but he was later screwed out of it by Turkeyball and Sovietball in the Treaty of Karsball. Nakhichevanball was brainwashed and given to Azerbaijani SSRball, and Nagorno-Karabakhball became an autonomous oblastball. On the bright side Armenian SSRball got to keep Loriball and Syunikball.


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