FUN FLIN FLON FACTS: The prophecy has been fulfilled.
— Bain

Flin Flonball is a mining city in Manitoba-icon Manitoba.


Flin Flonball was settled in 1927 by the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company, a domain of UKball. He expanded throughout the 1930s, as he was a warm and inviting presence for humans fleeing the Great Depression.

By 1933, Flin Flonball had grown so very large that he was incorporated as a municipality. 37 years later, he was granted city status by glorious Manitobaball. He is still a tourist destination for many humans today, due to his magnificent beauty and funny name.


Flin Flonball was a little-known settlement until he was catapulted into relevance in August 2019. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Bain the Cool and a league of other goofy-ass teenagers, Flin Flonball began a successful career as an alternate-history icon. Controversially, though, he received no reparations for this role, and many feel as though he was duped.



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