Fort Lauderdaleball is a cityball in Florida-icon Floridaball known for its beaches and boating canals. He is 23 miles north of it's rival, Miami-icon Miamiball and 41.4 miles south of its cousin West Palm Beachball, in Florida-icon Floridaball.

He lives next door to puny city of Hollywoodball, is home to a fat-ass airport, has many Hilton hotels, has many condominiums, and much urban development in ooga booga strongholds. He tends to show off how cool he is, though he doesn't even appear on the map until you look closer. So far, infidel Trump has not discovered the use of puny little gay Fort Lauderdaleball, but instead has built much prized condo on puny Hollywood beach. This is why Fort Lauderdale is Democrat.

Out were the gators lay in the mud, Fort Lauderdale has the shopping and corporate are known as Sawgrass Mills. It is home to BB&T center, where musicians and female sports teams come to perform. Fort Lauderdale has not much history to offer except for clashes with Indians and a fort.

It will continue to be forgotten and gay until some bigot republican will give it a praise for being a good city.

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