The Franco-Thai War was a war fought between France-icon Franceball and Thailand-icon Thailandball over certain clay of French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball.

Buildup to War

Long after Siam-icon Siamball lost a ton of clay to France-icon Franceball, especially his Kingdom of Laos-icon Lao clay, he became much smaller. Sooner, in 1932, he had a bloodless military coup that led to him changing to a constitutional monarchy. Just a few years before that, he changed his flag.

In 1938, Thailand-icon Siamball would have a new prime minister, Plaek Phibunsongkhram. During Phibun's premiership, Thailand-icon Siamball faced nationalism and Phibun was an admirer of Fascist Italy-icon Italyball's fascism. In 1939, Siamball's name changed to Thailand-icon Thailandball.

During World War II, France-icon Franceball got raped by Nazi-icon Nazi Germanyball. In 1940, Japanese-Empire-icon Empire of Japanball also continued their imperialism, invading French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball and setting up military bases in the colony. Meanwhile in Thailand-icon Thailandball, many Thais consider it as a precious opportunity to regain territories lost to France-icon Franceball during the reign of King Rama V. Publicity campaigns led by nationalists took place in Bangkok-iconBangkokball on 8 October 1940. The Thai government proposed that, if French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball was lacking protective capability of itself, so they should return those territories to Thailand-icon Thailandball. This proposal was strongly rejected by the France-icon French. The France-icon French mobilized its troops to the border of Thailand-icon Thailandball's clay at Thailand-icon (division) Aranyaprathetball, so prime minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram regarded it as an act of war.

The Campaign

While nationalist demonstrations and anti-French rallies were being held in Bangkok-icon Bangkokball, several border skirmishes erupted along the Mekong frontier. The superior Thailand-icon (soldier) Royal Thai Air Force then conducted daytime bombing runs over military targets in Kingdom of Laos-icon VientianeballPhnom Penh-icon Phnom PenhballCambodia-icon (division) Sisophonball, and Cambodia-icon (division) Battambangball with impunity. The France-icon (soldier) French retaliated with their own air attacks, but the damage they caused was less than equal. The activities of the Thai air force, particularly in the field of dive-bombing, was such that Admiral Jean Decoux the governor of French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball, grudgingly remarked that the Thai planes seemed to have been flown by men with plenty of war experience.

On 5 January 1941, following the report of a French attack on the Thai border town of Thailand-icon (division) Aranyaprathetball, the Thailand-icon (soldier)Thai army launched an offensive on Kingdom of Laos-icon French Laosball and Khmer Empire-icon Cambodiaball. France-icon (soldier) French response was instantaneous, but many units were simply swept along by the better-equipped Thailand-icon (soldier) Thai forces. Soon, Thailand-icon (soldier) Thailandball managed to overrun and rape Kingdom of Laos-icon Laosball, but the France-icon (soldier) French forces in Khmer Empire-icon Cambodiaball managed to rally and offer more resistance.

At dawn on 16 January 1941, France-icon (soldier) Franceball's forces launched a counterattack onto Thailandball's held clay of Cambodia-icon (division) Yang Dang Khumball and Cambodia-icon (division) Phum Preavball, initiating the fiercest battle in the war. However, due to poor coordination, and lack of knowledge against the prepared Thailand-icon (soldier) forces of Thailandball, the operation was stopped, and the France-icon (soldier) French forces had to retreat.

With the situation on land not working out for France-icon (soldier) Franceball, Admiral Decoux ordered all available France-icon (soldier)French naval forces into action in the Gulf of Thailandball. What subsequently happened was that France-icon (soldier) Franceball's navy managed to catch a Thailand-icon (soldier) Thai naval detachment by surprise at anchor off Thailand-icon (division) Ko Changball, an island. A battle ensued soon, resulting in a victory by France-icon (soldier) Franceball. However, before any more conflict can go further, the Japanese-Empire-icon Japanese intervened, proposing an armistice between the two.


With Japanese-Empire-icon Japanball stepping in for an armistice, a Japanese-sponsored "Conference for the Cessation of Hostilities" was held at Saigonball and preliminary documents for a ceasefire between France-icon Franceball and Thailand-iconThailandball were signed aboard the cruiser Natori on 31 January 1941, and a general armistice had been arranged to go into effect at 10:00 on 28 January. The results were that Thailand-icon Thailandball would get to annex many provinces of French Indochina-icon French Indochinaball, reorganizing them into Thailand-icon (division) Nakhon Champassakball, Thailand-icon (division) Phra Tabongball, Thailand-icon (division) Phibunsongkhramball, and Thailand-icon (division) Lan Changball.

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