Francia-icon Franksball, also called Franciaball, or during their empire period Frankish Empireball, was a historical countryball and were a crusader until he was split into West Franciaball, East Franciaball and Middle Franciaball and among them West Franciaball will be the future France-icon Franceball and East Franciaball will be the future HRE-icon Holy Roman Empireball. So, they're the first design or dad of France-icon Franceball.


Francia-icon Franksball was a 2ball and, later, a Germaniaball. They were a parasite of SPQR-icon SPQRball before becoming independent and conquering most of Gaul-icon Gaulball with their friend, Burgundy-icon Burgundyball (Germania), after the battle of Soissons in 486 and dethatching Visigothic Kingdom-icon Visigothic Kingdomball some years later.

They were a clever ball, understanding that it was necessary to be Catholic-icon Catholic to control Gaul-icon Gaulball soon. And he was the first Germania-icon Germaniaball baptized in 496 in Reimsball.

In a mental Salian sharing, they had a long schizophrenic period after having conquered their friend Burgundy-icon Burgundyball. They lived three centuries between their four personalities which were Austrasiaball, Burgundy-icon Burgundyball, Aquitaine-icon Aquitaineball, and Neustriaball before being convinced to be this last one.

Franksball was a military generous ball who conquered many territories around them; sharing Christian-icon Christianity and their Gallic-Roman culture, building the European civilization in opposition with Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball's own, and the new Islamic world.

They stopped the Islam-icon Islamic military advancement who destroyed the Goths-icon Gothsball in Poitiersball in 732 and being the protector of Christian-icon Christianity, grew into a stronk empire. HEIL CHARLEMAGNE!!!

Afterwards, the Merovingians died and Pepin the Short was crowned in the king, and in a little time, HEIL Charlemagne become the monarch and killed Lombardy-icon Lombardsball, Saxony-icon Saxonyball and created Catalonia-icon Cataloniaball, becoming the Roman Emperor, making Byzantine-icon Byzantineball very angry.

They broke up into three parts in 843 as in their ancient times, surviving in their occidental part as what will later become France-icon Franceball


How to draw

Here's how to draw West Franciaball:

  1. Color the basic circle shape of blue
  2. Draw a yellow drawing (a cross of circles with two circles on each outer point)
  3. Draw eyes and you've finished.


West Franciaball